this makes me absolutely sick to tell you….a 16 year old COOPERSTOWN, NORTH DAKOTA girl posted this on facebook the other day:

“My time has come, and so I’m gone. To a better place, far beyond. I love you all as you can see. But it’s better now, because I’m free.”

she then hung herself and died…..why?  BULLYING…BULLYING IS SUSPECTED IN THIS POOR GIRL’S DEATH…

WHEN IS THIS CRAP GOING TO STOP?  as somebody who endured bullying for many many years, this makes me sick…i actually cried when i read this this morning….

my GOD, how tragic…parents are now missing thier daughter, because of people who make fun and pick on people to make themselves feel better….

i remember when i was bullied, killing myself was definetly on my mind….you feel so lonely…so helpless…so horrible….and to add to the bullying, i was beaten up a lot, because i never fought back…why me?  GOD only knows……but it impacted my life, causing problems thru my life that i really didn’t want….

please please please…if your child, or someone you know is being bullied, CONFRONT THE PEOPLE THAT ARE DOING IT…talk to school officials…talk to their parents….

THIS HEARTBREAK NEEDS TO STOP…a promising future has been brought to a very premature death….



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