random thoughts for friday november 5th, 2010

the friday blog is sponsored by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS OF ABERDEEN….


1.  boy, here’s a name i haven’t heard in many many years…ELKE SOMMER.  remember her?  actress singer, sexy pinup girl…she did it all…the reason we’re bringing her up is that today is her 70th birthday…CONGRATS….here’s ELKE as we remember her…

and here she is today at 70!!!!!

2.  sad news….legendary baseball manager, and BRIDGEWATER, SOUTH DAKOTA native, SPARKY ANDERSON died yesterday at the age of 76……SPARKY managed the CINCINNATI REDS during their heyday as “the big red machine.”  he also managed the DETROIT TIGERS….SPARKY was a great great man, and even my good friend SCOTT SOLBERG got a chance to meet him and take a picture with him…..he even was the guest speaker at the ABERDEEN CHAMBER BANQUET back in 2001….here’s the late SPARKY ANDERSON…

3.  HERE WE GO AGAIN…one of the greatest rivalry’s in SOUTH DAKOTA takes place AGAIN tonight at the STRODE CENTER in ABERDEEN….it’s the district 2b volleyball championship between number 1 and defending state ‘b’ champion WARNER MONARCHS, and the number 3 team in the state, the NORTHWESTERN WILDCATS….i don’t think i’ve ever seen a rivalry like this….they play each other tough every year, no matter what their records are, and it’s been one of them going to the state volleyball tournament every year for many years….should be awesome tonight…..

4.  to me, there’s nothing like a hot shower on a cold morning…love it….

5.  guess what this weekend is?

WINGS HOCKEY, BABY….the WINGS take on the AUSTIN BRUINS tonight and saturday night at 7:15 at the ODDE ICE ARENA….i absolutely LOVE going to watch this team….but, i have pressing engagments going on tonight and saturday, so i don’t know if i’ll even make it this weekend…..by the way, did anybody catch the parody of the team they’re playing…AUSTIN BRUINS?  BOSTON BRUINS?  funny….

6.  the FEDERAL RESERVE is buying 600 billion dollars in government bonds….they had to help the economy after they found out that LINDSAY LOHAN won’t  be around on new year’s eve…

7.  the world’s oldest person, a FRENCH caribbean nun, has died at the age of 114….three AMERICANS are now contenders to be the oldest person in the world…i don’t know why ANYONE would want this title…because everybody who gets it, DIES….

8.  this week in NEW YORK,  a bar celebrated the 100 birthday of URINALS….as you could imagine, it was standing room only…

9.  there’s a new vending machine in CHINA that dispenses live crabs….here in AMERICA the only live vending machine for crabs is PARIS HILTON…oooh…that was low…even for my standards…

10.  TAYLOR SWIFT was present as a wax sculpture of her was dedicated at MADAME TUSSAUDS in NEW YORK CITY…and then KANYE  WEST barged in and said that “BEYONCE’S wax statue was the best one over…THE BEST ONE EVER….”

11.  the TENNESSEE TITANS have signed RANDY MOSS…and food servers across NASHVILLE went into hiding..

12.JOKE OF THE DAY:  (i burst out laughing at 4:45 this morning…probably sounded crazy…luck nobody heard it.)

John was waiting to cross the street when a blind man approached with his guide dog. The traffic sign turned green and instead of helping its master to cross, the dog raised its rear leg and peed on the shoes of the blind man.
    Observing that, the blind man reached into his pocket and offered the dog a cookie.
    John told the blind man in amazement, “If it was my dog I’d have kicked its butt!”
    The blind man calmly replied, “I’m going to. But I need to find its head first.”





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