random thoughts for monday november 15th, 2010


today’s daily blog sponsored by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS, both in ABERDEEN…

1.  happy birthday wishes today, going out to JUDGE JOSEPH WAPNER….he is 91 today…yep…91!!! here’s the way we remember him from “THE PEOPLE’S COURT.”

and here is JUDGE JOSEPH WAPNER today at 91…..

2. well, FLORIDA WAS AWESOME….sunny, low 80’s..not much wind…not much humidity…PERFECT….PHEASANT COUNTRY 103’S JASON KRENZ, along with your’s truly, were in ORLANDO for the “CHILREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK.”

we will be doing a “radiothon” in FEBRUARY, for this awesome group….i hope that you will consider a generous donation at that time…..what an emotional weekend.  it climaxed on friday night, when DR. OZ spoke.  he was superb…and then the new MISS AMERICA, and country singer MARK WILLS, handed out medals to this year’s “CHAMPIONS ACROSS AMERICA”….there was 56 kids that were honored, and truly, i bawled all the way thru it….to see that many kids who are suffering from illnesses, just broke my heart…i DEFINETLY have a new favorite charity….

3.  we also had a ton of fun on saturday, as we had a day to ourselves to spend at DISNEYWORLD….we went to the EPCOT CENTER…

we rode a cool ride called “THE TWILIGHT ZONE….TOWER OF TERROR” which drops you 13 floors when you least expect it…

and of course, we had to spend some time in front of the legendary ‘DISNEY CASTLE.’

we rode another ride that day, i don’t remember what it was called, nor do i care…all i can say is that i will NEVER EVER EVER ride that ride again…it was a spaceship ride, where it’s a simulated ride to MARS…..it took us 4 G’S, whatever that is…i was sick for the rest of the day, but i was a trouper and kept on going… by the way, MORE PICTURES TO COME THIS WEEK, including somebody really FAMOUS that i met….

4.  i don’t know what the hell happened, but when i opened my luggage last night at home, IT WAS ALL SOAKED…maybe i don’t want to know how that happened….



this morning, while putting some gas in at M & H, a damn mouse was circling my feet the whole time i was there…and I HATE THOSE THINGS….dirty rotten, stinking rodents…..and it kept coming back and coming back…it would run across the parking lot, i would think it was gone, and BOOM…there it was again….what a way to start the morning….

6.  i was so mad on thursday…i fell asleep on the jet going from MINNEAPOLIS TO ORLANDO…when i woke up, i noticed that a movie was playing, and it’s one THAT I HAVE BEEN DYING TO SEE…it’s called “GET LOW” starring ROBERT DUVALL, BILL MURRAY SISSY SPACEK, and more….

its’ the story of DUVALL playing a “mountainman” who comes back to plan his own funeral….but the twist is, that he wants the funeral right then while he’s alive, to see what people say about him…and apparently the movie has a “twist ending” too….dang it…i was so disappointed when i realized that i had missed most of it….so, i was thinking, maybe they’ll show it on the way home, too…NO SUCH LUCK…

it was ANGELINA JOLIE’S new movie called “SALT”, which i had no intention of watching…so, i slept most the way home, and listened to my I-POD the rest of the way…..then in the MINNEAPOLIS airport, we had the chance to watch the VIKINGS-BEARS game…..that added to our depression…ha ha


DONOVAN MCNABB will try to humiliate his former team tonight in D.C….GO SKINS…

8.  researchers at SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY say that “falling in love” can only take one fifth of a second…..and it leaves a guy teary eyed…no wait, correct that…that’s from the pepper spray….

9.  MARTHA STEWART says that she gives her turkey a shot of booze before slaughtering it…and if that’s not creepy enough, she feeds it “WILD TURKEY.”

10.  former CHICAGO BEAR’S quarterback JIM MCMAHON says that he suffers from memory loss as a result of so many hits to the head when he played football…he also said that he suffers from memory loss….

11.  BILL CLINTON says that he likes GEORGE W. BUSH’S new memoir quite a bit…wouldn’t you know it?  the only republicans and democrats that actually get along together are RETIRED…


there was this guy who was completely drunk at a bar, and was telling his other drunken friends that he had a gong in his apartment that told time….of course, his drunken friends didn’t believe him, so they all staggered over to the guys apartment….and sure enough, in the middle of his living room was a gigantic gong…..so the drunken guy says” now watch, the gong tells time.”  so he hits it hard and it goes ‘GONG!’…all of a sudden from the wall comes the voice of the guy next door saying “C’MON YOU IDIOT, IT’S 3:15 IN THE MORNING…and the drunken guy says, “SEE?”







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