random thoughts for friday november 19th, 2010



1.  we have some lovely ladies celebrating birthdays this weekend…first of all, the legendary KAYE BALLARD turns 85 years old today!!!!  here’s a picture of KAYE from years past, and one from today with a couple of fans…


2.  this one is hard to beleive…”THAT GIRL”  MARLO THOMAS turns 73 on saturday….73!!!!  here she is back in her younger days with her papa, DANNY THOMAS…

here’s one from today on the eve of her 73rd birthday…

and here’s one with her famous husband, PHIL DONAHUE…i SINCERELY HOPE that they’re going to a 50’s party…ha ha

3.  this one is hard to beleive as well….GOLDIE HAWN turns 65 this sunday….wow…65….can’t fathom that one….here’s GOLDIE back in her “LAUGH IN ” days…

and here’s GOLDIE HAWN today at 65………


4.   have you seen this video yet?  THIS IS AWESOME…apparently this 90 year old couple walked into the MAYO CLINIC and performed an  “impromptu” performance on the piano…these two have apparently been married 63 years or more….there’s a scary moment when the woman almost falls over the piano stool…


5.  i couldn’t beleive what i saw about OPRAH WINFREY the other day…it’s her last year on tv, so the other day she hosted other talk show hosts like PHIL DONAHUE, MONTEL WILLIAMS, and many many more….she said during the show that her greatest feat was “BEING THE NUMBER ONE TALK SHOW FOR 25 YEARS….”  and then she continued going “WOO HOO…WOO HOO”, etc…..i felt sorry for the other talk show hosts as she gloated in front of them…they all kind of had “nervous laughs” during the segment….

6.  there’s a lot of talk about the TSA doing “pat downs” at the airports.  people are humiliated, embarassed, and so forth and so on…in fact, some people said they are “done flying” because of this procedure…what’s my feeling?  i think the pat downs are okay if it keeps guns, knives, and bombs off of the jets while i’m miles above the earth….these are the same people who will bitch if something happens on the plane…they will be like “how did these people get on the planes?  wasn’t there extra security?”  we have become such a goofy society….

7.  last night the CHICAGO BEARS beat the MIAMI DOLPHINS    16 to 0 in the NFL…..DOLPHINS coach TONY SPARANO drives me crazy…he wears sunglasses EVEN AT NIGHT…looks like of cocky to me….

8.  researchers has found out that happily married women gain an average of 18 pounds in their first year of marriage…and unhappily married women gain an  average of one car and one house…..

9.  the “PULP AND BEAN” coffee shop in NEW YORK CITY is offering a 20 ounce beverage that includes TEN SHOTS OF ESPRESSO….but you have to pay for the bill in advance so you don’t use a heart attack as an excuse for not paying….

10.  i don’t like this at all….WARNER BROTHERS is planning a re-make of my favorite movie of all time “THE WIZARD OF OZ.”  THAT SUCKS…by the way, things are a bit different in today’s version…DOROTHY uses a GPS to find OZ….

11.  a new survey shows that nearly four of of ten AMERICANS think that marriage is obsolete….no fair…the four were MEL GIBSON, TIGER WOODS, EVA LONGORIA, AND CHARLIE SHEEN….


This one little boy in about 4th or 5th grade was trying out for a school play. He earned a part and went home to tell his father.
    His father was really proud of him. So his father asks what part did you get?
    He replies I got the part of a man who has been married for 25 years.
    His father congratulated him. And then he said “That’s good son, maybe next time you’ll get a speaking role!”







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