random thoughts for monday november 29th, 2010



today’s daily blog sponsored by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS OF ABERDEEN…


1.  we start our blog out today with, unfortunately, bad news…comedic actor LESLIE NIELSEN died yesterday at the age of 84……he, of course, is part of a great comedy career late in his career, after doing some serious movies in his early years…here’s LESLIE NIELSEN as we remember him…

and here he is in his early 80’s…the first one is with a fan…

2.  so, what are my favorite LESLIE NIELSEN movies?  well, i’ve chosen four of them….

but first of all, the “honorable mention” movie, and possibly best poster of any NIELSEN movie……

of course, a parody of the DEMI MOORE magazine cover…

and here we go….


even though it was only one segment of the movie, LESLIE NIELSEN “kills them”…no pun intended….

2.  this is a goodie….

the “NAKED GUN” series really put LESLIE NIELSEN on the map with the younger generation….

1.  and which movie is my favorite LESLIE NIELSEN movie of all time?  easy….

this movie is where he uttered the now legendary line….


3.  okay VIKINGS fans…let’s talk football…THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS  beat my WASHINGTON REDSKINS yesterday….i can handle the defeat, because like i’ve said before, i cheer for the MINNESOTA VIKINGS every week, unless they are playing the REDSKINS…..but here’s a couple of game notes…

***i’m so sick and tired of BRETT FAVRE…it’s always ME, ME, ME with this guy…..when things aren’t going right, he’s pouting on the sidelines instead of pumping up the troops, and then when something good happens, he’s jumping up and down like a five year old….i was never a fan of FAVRE coming to the VIKINGS and i can’t wait until this experiment is over…

*** REDSKINS kick returner BRANDON BANKS returned a punt for a touchdown yesterday that put the SKINS ahead late in the game…unfortunately, a stupid REDSKINS player clipped a player from MINNESOTA and the touchdown was called back…that was a back-breaker….

***i’m happy for LESLIE FRAZIER getting his first win as a VIKING’S coach…but don’t get used to him…THERE IS NO WAY POSSIBLE THAT HE’LL GET THE FULL TIME JOB….the VIKINGS will be looking for a big time head coach, and rumors are swirling that BILL PARCELLS may be joining the VIKES as team president and “decision maker.”  that would be HUGE…

4.  i told MITCHELL AND JEANNIE that it would never happen, and now it’s happened…i’ve become addicted to the SHOWTIME show “DEXTER.”

man this show is good……DEXTER is a guy who has a regular life, but on the side, he’s  a vigilante who kills bad people…EXCELLENT SHOW….

5.  perfect way to fall asleep last night….watching my all time favorite movie “THE WIZARD OF OZ.”  it’s crazy that i have seen this movie probably 50 times or more, and i still go crazy when it comes on and i can’t shut it off…..

6.  SATURDAY i was conned into doing something i don’t like doing…DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS….i absolutely HATE decorating…i don’t have the patience of putting up lights, because it never fails that they work on the ground when you plug them in, and as soon as you get them up, a few don’t work….decorating is just not for me….

7.  our ABERDEEN WINGS lost a heartbreaker on saturday night to OWATONNA….

our WINGS were in a shootout at the end of the game after overtime number one, and couldn’t muster a win….i would have NEVER thought that i’d be hooked on hockey, but i am. and even more suprising is my wife loves to go to the games….

8.  today is “CYBER MONDAY” the biggest online shopping day of the year….it’s a couple of days after “BLACK FRIDAY”,  and one day before the “I CAN’T BELEIVE I CHARGED SO MUCH ON MY VISA” day, and two days before the “I CAN’T BELEIVE I’M THIS DEEP IN DEBT” day….

9.  over the weekend, about 4,000 people crowded into a HUNTLEY, ILLINOIS building for the 28th annual “TURKEY TESTICLE FESTIVAL”.  people consumed over 1,000 pounds of turkey testicles….sounds nuts to me….

10.  LINDSAY LOHAN was allowed to leave rehab over the weekend to spend THANKSGIVING with her family…that sounds okay to me…i mean, how much trouble could she get into spending time with the LOHAN family?

11.  TMZ reports that CHARLIE SHEEN sent CAPRI ANDERSON a text message offering her 20,000 dollars to keep her mouth shut…apparently there was choking, slapping, knocking down, and general roughhousing…no wait..correct that…that’s what happened to me on BLACK FRIDAY…

12.  JOKE OF THE DAY:  (luv this one….)

A minister used to ride a bike to his ministry each day for exercise. One day he woke up and it was gone. Convinced it was someone in his parish, he consulted a fellow minister as to what he should do.
     The other minister told him to give a sermon the following Sunday dealing with the Ten Commandments, and when he got to “Thou shalt not steal” he should look all the parishioners in the face. The guilty party will surely look away or turn red.
     He thought this was a great idea and decided to give it a try. That following Sunday he was up on the pulpit going through the Ten Commandments. He got half way through and changed the direction of his sermon.
     After the service was over the consulting minister came up to him and asked why he changed his sermon just before he got to “Thou shalt not steal.”
     The minister replied, “Just after I got through ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery,’ I remembered where I left my bike.”







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