random thoughts for thursday december 9th, 2010

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1.  wow…we have a great celebrity birthday today…legendary actor KIRK DOUGLAS turns 94 today…yeah, 94…..KIRK has been around forever, and is one of the biggest stars ever to appear in HOLLYWOOD…and he was definetly a hearthrob for women…here’s KIRK DOUGLAS in his early days…

and here’s KIRK DOUGLAS today at 94, including one with his son, actor MICHAEL DOUGLAS…

2.  also, one of AMERICA’S favorite dads is having a birthday. actor DICK VAN PATTEN from “EIGHT IS ENOUGH” is celebrating 82 candles on the cake today…here he is back in the 80’s with the cast of his hit tv show…

and here’s DICK VAN PATTEN today at 82….

3.  well, in the last few days, i have forgotten to post a couple of “classic” CHRISTMAS gifts…so, i’ll make up for it today…remember these classic games?  and by the way, they’re back on the market again…


or how about this one…


the great VINCENT PRICE was in the last commercial…

4.  remember actor AVERY SCHRIEBER?  he is featured in this classic 70’s commercial…i forgot all about this commercial…


5.  well, it’s another sad “finality” tonight for my wife and me….it’s our son MITCHELL’S last CHRISTMAS band and chorus concert at WARNER HIGH SCHOOL….it’s sad for us, because, we won’t be active in the school after this year….it’s also a bit sad, because band has been, pardon the pun, INSTRUMENTAL in my life since grade school…band was the only thing i was ever really good at…you may remember me bragging that i was “drummer of the year” twice at LANGFORD HIGH SCHOOL…my only claim to fame….but MITCHELL AND TYLER are way better drummers than i was….WE ARE SUPER PROUD PARENTS….

6.  wouldn’t it be nice if stores would offer “samples” of fruit before you buy it?  i saw some really nice looking oranges recently, so we bought a bag…and they were completely dry inside and not very good….shows you that things can look good on the outside, but not very good on the inside….(reminds me of a couple of people that i know.)

7.  we were telling ‘popcorn’ stories last night at youth group in HECLA…my favorite popcorn ever?  i used to use our “airpop” popcorn maker to make  a gigantic bowl of popcorn…then i would melt a HUGE CHUNK of butter on the stove…ONLY BUTTER…NOT MARGARINE…i would salt down my popcorn, pour the butter on it, and devour it…then at the end, i would drink the reservoir of butter at the bottom of the bowl…yep..i’m a walking heart attack.

8.  a new study says that country men are more “endowed” than city men….umm…this according to your friendly airport TSA members…

9.  comic book fans say that ARCHIE COMICS have made ARCHIE miserable since he finally married his high school sweetheart VERONICA?  HE CHOSE VERONICA OVER BETTY? idiot….things went south from the start when, on their honeymoon night, VERONICA screamed out JUGHEAD’S name….

10.  GENE SIMMONS, the lead singer of the rock band “KISS”, criticized PRESIDENT OBAMA,  and said he ‘regrets’ voting for him because he is “unqualified.”  and thats about the LAST THING anybody wants….a TONGUE LASHING from GENE SIMMONS….

11.  search engine “BING” says that the most-searched-for athlete for 2010 was TIGER WOODS….TIGER was also the most-searched-for athlete of 2009…but that was mainly by his wife…..

12.  ex BAYWATCH star DONNA D-ERRICO says that she was singled out for a “naked” TSA  airport scan, because of her beautiful looks…..things went okay until the TSA agents started throwing MARDI GRAS beads….(maybe she should have checked thier uniforms more carefully…..theses guys worked for T & A)..


While creating Husbands, God promised Women that good and ideal Husbands would be found in all corners of the world.

And then He made the earth round.








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