random thoughts for friday december 10th, 2010

well, i finally recieved a couple of pictures from my ORLANDO trip with the CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK….here’s CMN co-founder JOHN SCHNEIDER of “THE DUKES OF HAZZARD” hanging out with some stalker…

DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS both bring you today’s daily blog….thanks gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1.  we have a SHOCKER in our celebrity birthday today….actress DONNA MILLS from “KNOTS LANDING” is 68 today….SIXTY EIGHT…..PUSHING SEVENTY….can’t believe that one….here’s DONNA MILLS as we remember her….with her fellow babes on “KNOTS LANDING.”

here’s DONNA MILLS today at 68…………

2.  what about the other two “babes” from “KNOTS LANDING?”

let’s find out what they look like today….

actress JOAN VAN ARK is 67…wow….and she apparently went to the “KENNY ROGERS SCHOOL FOR PLASTIC SURGERY.”

actress MICHELLE LEE is still stunningly beautiful at the age of 68…

3.  ready for another round of “classic CHRISTMAS toys from the 70’s?”  here we go…..



4.  cool news…the original puppets of “RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER” and “SANTA CLAUSE” from the legendary CHRISTMAS tv show, have been found….a collector said that these are the only two “puppets” remaining from the original tv show….

just this week, the guy was offered $200,000 dollars on the spot for these two characters, and he turned it down, because he wants a “life changing” amount of money for them….

5.  my crazy cohorts from ORLANDO are in ABERDEEN right now, helping spread the word about our february “RADIOTHON” for the CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK…these beautiful young ladies work for CMN and are so so so so much fun…you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot of these girlies in the next couple of months, as we prepare to help out countless children in our area who need help at the SANFORD CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL….they brought a “newbie” with named ANDY, and after spending an couple hours with me yesterday, the girls are afraid he’s going to run screaming from the job…ha ha

here’ KIM AND AMY…


6.  the new “NARNIA” movie starts tonight at CARMIKE THEATERS in the lakewood mall…

last night in asked my ENTIRE family, including TYLER’S girlfriend KELSEY, and my sister KRISTA and her husband WADE, and EVERYONE TURNED ME DOWN on going to the movie with me….oh well, i enjoy going to movies by myself…you’ll probably see me there this weekend with popcorn butter running down my chin….

7.  HOMELAND SECURITY reports that AL QAEDA is now using FACEBOOK to communicate….most suicide bombers list their status as “unattached.”

8.  police in GERMANY have arrested an “old hippie”, who had decorated a six foot MARIJUANA PLANT as a CHRISTMAS tree…his favorite part was when he lit it up…

9.  BRETT FAVRE is listed as a “game time decision” sunday in the MINNESOTA VIKINGS game….he has an injured throwing shoulder, and a sprained texting thumb…..


a little boy write to santa and said:




santa wrote back:




wow….have a wonderful weekend everybody…

jay dean




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