random thoughts for monday december 27th, 2010



1.  well, it seems to all be about “GOOD TIMES.”  last week we saluted you young woman who played the daughter on ‘GOOD TIMES’, and today we’re featuring the man who played the dad….actor JOHN AMOS played JAMES EVANS on the show….and they actually KILLED HIM OFF of the show in a car accident…by the way, JOHN AMOS was only EIGHT YEARS older than JIMMIE WALKER, who played his son “JJ”…..and he was NINETEEN YEARS younger than ESTER ROLLE, who played his wife on the show…..here’s JOHN AMOS on the show…

and here he is today on his 71st birthday…

2.  check out this crazy basketball shot from last weekend…the ball sits ON THE FRONT OF THE RIM, and seems to fall in when the guy swings at it…..a professor analyzed the shot and said that it is totally possible for the ball to hang on the rim, and that, yes, the air from the guy swatting probably moved the ball…


3.  DID YOU HAVE A GOOD CHRISTMAS?  i certainly did….i had two church services in HOUGHTON AND HECLA on CHRISTMAS EVE, and then i journeyed home to spend the rest of the night with my beautiful wife JEANNIE, my terrific sons TYLER AND MITCHELL, and TYLER’S incredible girlfriend KELSEY….we had a blast……CHRISTMAS DAY we went to ROSLYN to spend the day with JEANNIE’S family…had an awesome time there, as well….

4.  TYLER got one of the coolest gifts for CHRISTMAS…he has an X-BOX, and now has the X-BOX “KINECT”, which allows you to play the games WITHOUT HOLDING A CONTROLLER…that’s right…WITHOUT HOLDING A CONTROLLER….the first thing we did was bowling, and the grab a “virtual” ball, and throw it at the pins….the track and field part is incredible, where you physically run in place and do the stuff without holding a controller….what’s next anyway?  this wave of modern technology is kind of scary….the only thing i really don’t like about it, is that the system can “record” you doing your stuff and play it back at the end….to me, that’s way too much of a breach of privacy!!!

5.  last night JEANNIE AND I went to see “TRUE GRIT” at the CARMIKE THEATERS, but the show was sold out….in fact, FOUR MOVIES were sold out when we got there..the theaters were PACKED….i said that i didn’t want to see this movie, because the JOHN WAYNE original is such a classic….

but, my wife had kind of talked me into seeing it…so, this week, we will go see JEFF BRIDGES play “ROOSTER COGBURN.”

6.  BRING ON THE NEW YEAR’S BABY….i LOVE having short work weeks like this…the only thing better is having CHRISTMAS EVE and NEW YEAR’S EVE on thursdays, so it’s two four day weekends in a row…..it’s going to SUCK having CHRISTMAS EVE AND NEW YEAR’S EVE on a SATURDAY next year….

7.  over the weekend, 84 year old HUGH HEFNER got engaged to his 24 year old girlfriend CRYSTAL HARRIS….also, REDSKINS’S quarterback DONOVAN MCNABB said that he wanted to be released after their last game….it’s the same request being made by CRYSTAL HARRIS…

8.  BRISTOL PALIN has purchased a home in ARIZONA, SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN’S home state….hasn’t that family done enough for that poor man already?  ha ha

9.  researchers have found and decoded  secret message from the CIVIL WAR….it was a private message between two soldiers….corporal LARRY KING and captain ANDY ROONEY…

10.  christmas was weird around the BRETT FAVRE home…BRETT unwrapped a  package, and then, out of habit, sent pictures of it to some young women…

11.  MTV announced that it’s giving “JERSEY SHORE” star PAULY D. his own show….GEEZ…2011 hasn’t even started and i’m already depressed….


why isn’t is smart to wear MINNESOTA VIKINGS pajamas to bed?  because you’re DEFINETLY not going to score….






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