random thoughts for wednesday january 5th, 2011




1.  we have a couple of celebrity birthdays today…first of all, MINNESOTA native, former vice president under JIMMY CARTER, and former presidential candidate WALTER MONDALE turns 83 today…..here’s WALTER back in the day…including a picture from his presidential campaign days with running mate GERALDINE FERRARO….

and here’s WALTER MONDALE today on his 83rd birthday…

2. plus, legendary actor ROBERT DUVALL will celebrate birthday number 80 today…can’t beleive that he is EIGHTY….here’s ROBERT DUVALL from years past, including a shot from “LONESOME DOVE.”

and here’s ROBERT DUVALL today with EIGHTY candles on his cake….

and here’s the ROBERT DUVALL movie that i’m DYING to see when it comes out on DVD in february…it’s called “GET LOW” and features SISSY SPACEK AND BILL MURRAY….i’ve heard nothing but good about this movie…

3.  here’s your classic music video for today….it’s SUZI QUATRO AND CHRIS NORMAN with “STUMBLIN’ IN.”


4.  i’m just sick about this…apparently WARNER BROTHERS studios in HOLLYWOOD is seriously considering doing a remake of the classic movie “THE WIZARD OF OZ.”   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  as you well know, this is my favorite movie of all time, and there are certain movies that are “standards” and shouldn’t be touched…i would put “GONE WITH THE WIND” and “THE SOUND OF MUSIC” in that category too….please come to your senses people…leave these vintage films alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.  how lazy do you have to be to buy that jar that contains peanut butter and jelly in the same jar?  is it really that tough to open two jars and spread them on bread?  i think this is one of the worst ideas EVER…..

6.  remember JIFFY POP POPCORN?

well, we used to LOVE standing by the stove when we were kids, watching the aluminum foil rise, as the popcorn popped…a few years back we bought one to try again, and what a disappointment….it wasn’t as good as i remember…isn’t that like a lot of things?  it’s better to have the memories than to try and re-live things…..

7.  a new study found that people who wear glasses to interviews are more likely to get hired…unless you’re an umpire….

8.  a FLORIDA man is spending this month living in a fenced enclosure with TWO AFRICAN LIONS….he’s doing it for charity…evidently to feed a couple of hungry lions….

9.  HUGH HEFNER denied a former playmate’s claims about the playboy mansion, insisting that he is not a creepy, old, viagra popping, sex slaving perverts whos carpets are covered in dog poop….yep…they’re wrong…he has his carpets cleaned twice a week….

10.  experts have raised the number of red-wing blackbirds that mysteriously dropped dead from the skies in BEEBE, ARKANSAS…they say the new number is between 2,000 and 4,000…wow….here’s a tip for you….if you live there or are going to visit there, stay away from the local restraunt’s “CHICKEN” special….

11.  country singer KELLIE PICKLER got married to a songwriter the other day…well, apparently both of thier careers are over…i mean, how can you write a country song when you have a happy marriage…

which brings us to…


what happens when you play a country song backwards?

you get your dog back, your truck back, your best friend back, your house back, your wife back………….





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