random thoughts for thursday january 6th, 2011



your daily blog is sponsored by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS BOTH OF ABERDEEN….


2.  hey, this should make you feel old…happy birthday wishes are going out today to DANNY PINTAURO….know the name?  he played the son, JONATHAN on “WHO’S THE BOSS.”

guess what?  HE’S THIRTY FIVE YEARS OLD TODAY….35!!!!!!!  man, how times flies….

he also appeared in “AS THE WORLD TURNS” and the movie “CUJO”…..here is DANNY PINTAURO today on his 35th birthday…

2.  here’s a video to watch….my favorite BEE GEE’S song was number one on this date in 1979….here’s “TOO MUCH HEAVEN.”


3.  also, back in 1980 on this date, the number one song was “PLEASE DON’T GO” by KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND…here’s the video with a much younger KC…..by the way, here’s what he looks like today…KC is on the left…

and here’s the video for “PLEASE DON’T GO.”  my brother TROY AND I used to play the heck out of this record….


4.  one thing i really despise about winter?  NOT BEING ABLE TO TELL THE ROAD FROM THE DITCHES….coming in this morning from WARNER was a little bit tough….a light snowfall had made the road completely white, and there were not a lot of tracks at that time of the morning….and with the ditches full of the white stuff, it was a bit hard to distinguish between the two….

5.  one of my fears of wintertime, is following the tracks closely of a vehicle that went before me, only to find out they went in the ditch, and because i was watching their tracks i followed them right into the ditch…ha ha…..sounds crazy, but i almost did that a couple of years ago…

6.  BERT BLYLEVEN finally was elected to the baseball hall of fame….the sportswriters finally “CIRCLED BERT” after 13 years of trying to get in….WAY TO GO BERT…

here’s BERT with my all time favorite MINNESOTA TWINS uniforms…

and here’s BERT BLYLEVEN today as he broadcasts the MINNESOTA TWINS games on tv…..

7.  WHITE HOUSE press secretary ROBERT GIBBS is resigning to become an outside political adviser to the PRESIDENT…just like all of us…

8.  to be politically correct, publishers have reprinted the classic “HUCKLEBERRY FINN” without the N-WORD in it….and you don’t even want to know the changes to the classic “MOBY DICK.”

9.  a 66 year old CHICAGO  woman was charged with theft after she was spotted pocketing a $500 dollar roll of currency that a man accidentally dropped at a DUNKIN’ DONUTS…stupid woman…she was in a DUNKIN’ DONUTS and didn’t expect cops to see her?

10.  PENNSYLVANIA STATE POLICE have yielded to the ACLU, and will no longer ticket people for using profanity in public…in response to this deal, the ACLU issued the following statement…”HOT DAMN.”

11.  a TEN YEAR OLD CANADIAN GIRL has become the youngest astronomer ever to discover a supernova….so, congrats to her for spotting the new supernova “JUSTINUS BIEBERUS.”

12.  LINDSAY LOHAN is telling friends that she had NO IDEA that her new beach house is right next door to her ex-girlfriend SAM RONSON….people take a lot of what LINDSAY says with a grain of salt…and then she adds some lime and tequila….


A young boy comes running down the street looking for a policeman. He finds one and then begs, “Please, officer, come back to the bar with me, my father’s in a fight!”
They rush to the bar and there are two guys fighting like you wouldn’t believe.
After a few seconds the cop manages to break up the fight. Then he turns to the kid and says, “Okay, which one’s your father?”
The kid looks up at the officer with a confused look on his face, and says, “I don’t know officer, that’s what they’re fighting about!”







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