random thoughts for tuesday january 11th, 2011



your daily blog is brought to you by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS BOTH OF ABERDEEN…


1. in our celebrity birthdays today, we salute actor FELIX SILLA who turns 74 today…here’s a current picture of him…do you know this guy?  probably not by this picture…

FELIX may be small in stature, but he is large in talent when it comes to HOLLYWOOD….FELIX played some memorable characters in his life….

did you know that he was COUSIN ITT on “THE ADAMS FAMILY?”

he also played an EWOK on “STAR WARS” movies…

and even though he wasn’t the “main character” that played E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL, FELIX did star as E.T. in some of the “stunts” for the classic movie…

check out his credits…he was also in the movie “THE BIRDS”, “SPACEBALLS”, “THE JUNGLE BOOK” where he played KING LOUIE, “POLTERGIEST” and many more.

he appeared on tv shows like “MARRIED WITH CHILDREN”, “THE DUKES OF HAZARD, ”  “H. R. PUFINSTUFF”, “BONANZA” and dozens more.

plus he did commercials for “MCDONALD’S”, “JACK IN THE BOX”, “SCHWINN” and many more…

pretty talented guy….

2.  that deranged shooter from the ARIZONA massacre made an appearance in court yesterday…this guy LOOKS CRAZY…

to me, this guy has a “CHARLES MANSON” type craziness to his looks….obviously, his life has been guided by evil…

3.  THANK GOODNESS THE WIND HASN’T BEEN BLOWING THE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS…man, oh man…with this fluffy snow, we would have had WHITEOUT conditions had the wind been blowing….it could have been a lot lot worse than it was…

4.  HATS OFF TO THE CITY WORKERS WHO ARE REMOVING SNOW….when i go into ABERDEEN in the morning before work, i’m amazed at the way the city works to remove snow…truck after truck after truck taking big loads of snow off of the streets and out of town…..it’s hard to beleive that there is this much snow, but there is…

5.  i was talking the other day with a friend, and we were visiting about who the best “LATE NIGHT” host on tv is…..do you want to know mine?  even if you don’t, i’m doing it..ha ha



and BY FAR, JAY DEAN’S favorite late night host…


i think that CRAIG FERGUSON has such a great sense of humor….he plays nicely with the audience, and isn’t afraid to ask tough questions to his guests, while still being civil….he’s the best….by far….

6.  JEANNIE made a “crock pot lasagna” last night that was INCREDIBLE…i didn’t know you could make lasagna in a crock pot…..

7.  because of rising overhead costs, the owner of the LIZZIE BORDEN MUSEUM in SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS, is closing down…man, you really hate to see a museum like this GET THE AX….

8.  this is a true story…BRITISH space scientists are planning a mission to “PROBE URANUS.”  oh my goodness…the jokes are just screaming to get out of my head….

9.  JACK BLACK says that his new year’s resolution is to drop FIFTY POUNDS…one pound for every person that saw his latest movie ‘GULLIVERS TRAVELS’…..


Sadie had been widowed for a few years and very lonely, and finally consented to going out on a date with Morris, the gentleman her daughter fixed her up with.
     Morris picked her up and they went on a picnic in a very secluded spot. Morris also had been widowed for a long time and found himself very attracted to Sadie, and despite her resistance at first to his advances, he finally was able to make love to her.
     Sadie was mortified at her lack of self control and sobbed “I don’t know how I can face my daughter, knowing in a time of weakness, I sinned twice!”
     Morris said “What do you mean “twice” we only did it once?”
     Sadie looked at Morris and said, “Well, you’re going to do it again, aren’t you?”





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