random thoughts for tuesday february 22nd, 2011



today’s daily blog is sponsored by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS, BOTH OF ABERDEEN…..


1.  today on our celebrity updates, we salute actor GABE KAPLAN, who played “MR. KOTTER” on “WELCOME BACK KOTTER.”  it’s not his birthday today, but i will let you know that he’s 65 years old…..here’s a couple of photos of “WELCOME BACK KOTTER”, which featured a very young JOHN TRAVOLTA…..

ah, yes…the SWEATHOGS….and here’s GABE by himself…

GABE KAPLAN today is a professional poker player.  you may have seen him on tv playing his favorite games…here is GABE KAPLAN today at 65…………..

2.  WOW..WHAT A STORM….over 17 inches of snow in the area on sunday…as you probably know, i didn’t make it in to work yesterday, because i couldn’t get out of my yard, or out of WARNER…i hear that my best friend tried to leave WARNER early in the morning, and got his FOUR WHEEL DRIVE stuck about a half block from his house….NASTY STUFF….

anyway, something funny happened yesterday….while digging out snow, JEANNIE told me to go get the camera and she would climb to the biggest drift in our yard, and i would take a picture.  i came outside, and JEANNIE was buried up to her stomach in snow…she had fallen thru the top part…and she couldn’t get out….well, did what any good husband would do..i stood on the sidewalk AND LAUGHED MYSELF SILLY…she told me to grab one of the sleds, but then we realized we sent them to ABERDEEN with TYLER….well, of course, she got out safely and we had a good laugh about it.

3.  well, JEANNIE AND I were home along thru the storm.  MITCHELL got stranded in ABERDEEN at TYLER’S house…wow..i bet he was disappointed with that….a few young men and video games galore..ha ha…anyway, JEANNIE AND I spent the storm day watching movies and playing cards…we had a BLAST….except for the fact that she killed me in cards most of the time…

4.  we did watch a couple of movies, as i mentioned….there’s a movie that i really didn’t plan on watching.  it’s called ‘THE TOWN”, starring BEN AFFLECK….it was TREMENDOUS…extremely good story, and lots of action…after that we TRIED to watch the LEONARDO DICAPRIO movie “INCEPTION.”….i walked out of the room and quit watching about 45 minutes into it…i thought it was stupid and i couldn’t follow it…JEANNIE finished it, but didn’t care for it……

5.  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MY FAMILY…ha ha….we FINALLY had our family CHRISTMAS out at my brother’s on RICHMOND LAKE on saturday….had a great time…lots of food…card playing….and a whole lot more…..it was well worth the wait….we teased each other saying “MERRY CHRISTMAS” all day long….i told everybody that this was “THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.”  we all had a good laugh….

6.  if we wouldn’t have had a snowblower yesterday it would have been MISERABLE….JEANNIE AND I went out yesterday to clean out our yard and it took forever…..it’s kind of sad…all the snow had really gone down in our yard with the recent thaw, but it all came back PLUS MORE, this weekend…

7.  JEANNIE AND I were laughing our heads off on saturday watching two young squirrels in our backyard….one squirrel kept jumping in air, and doing backflips…we don’t know why, but it was hilarious…then mr. bunny came into the yard, and one of the baby squirrels decided to investigate.  he got right up to the face of mr. bunny, and all the bunny had to do was make one little move and that squirrel went straight up in the air, turned around and was gone….it was fun watching that…

8.  because of rising populations and dwindling resources, the world could be unrecognizable by the year 2050…the only thing that will look exactly the same is CHER….

9.  after the impact that social networking had on the overthrow of HOSNI MUBARAK, an EGYPTIAN man named his newborn daughter “FACEBOOK.”  then his wife named her husband “DEFENDANT.”

10.  PARIS HILTON was spotted shopping for engagement rings over the weekend with her boyfriend CY WAITS…and in preparation for getting married and starting a family, PARIS started looking for the hottest nightclubs that feature daycare…

11.  20 year old TREVOR BAYNE has become the youngest person ever to win the DAYTONA 500…but his joy was soon tempered by news that his parents had grounded him for speeding…

12.  topping the movie box office was the movie ‘UNKNOWN’, with LIAM NEESON starring as a man who wakes up from a coma to find that his identity has been stolen….the last thing he remembers is partying with CHARLIE SHEEN…


A man sat at a bar, drinking slowly. On his face was the saddest hangdog expression.
    The bartender asked, “What’s the matter? Are you having troubles with your wife?”
    The man said, “We had a fight, and she told me that she wasn’t going to speak to me for a month.”
    The bartender replies, “So sorry to hear that, my friend,” as he gives the customer a complimentary drink, “and how many days are left before that month is up?”
    The man sadly mumbles, “Today’s the last day.”




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