random thoughts for thursday february 24th, 2011

HAPPY THURSDAY FROM YOUR FAVORITE MACHO MAN….did you know that i competed for the MR. UNIVERSE pageant a few years back…WELL, I DIDN’T…but my friend KEVIN decided to let you know what i COULD HAVE LOOKED LIKE….

ALRIGHT GIRLS…STOP DROOLING…ha ha…(that’s NEVER been something i had to worry about.)


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1.  happy birthday wishes are going out to actor ABE VIGODA…he turns 90 today…yep…NINETY…and he looks darn good for 90…..remember ABE?  he starred in the tv show “BARNEY MILLER” and the show “FISH.”  here he is back then….

and here’s ABE VIGODA today on his 90th birthday…

2.  do you remember the commercial that ABE VIGODA just starred in?  here it is…


3.  what about “BARNEY MILLER” himself?  well, actor HAL LINDEN is still going strong at 79….remember him?

here’s HAL LINDEN today…

4.  all of this uprising in the middle east and the throwing out of their leaders kind of scares me…..i’m all for “power of the people”, but this stuff could get dangerous….all of a sudden people could be wanting to overthrow their governments after small problems that they have….i hope it doesn’t turn ugly…

5.  are you like me and are sick and tired of celebrities getting off scott free after getting arrested?  LINDSAY LOHAN is the latest one….although, the judge in her case said that she’s on her last leg…hopefully she’ll get some help…but people wonder why a lot of us have ill feelings toward celebrities…if you and i did HALF of what some celebrities have done, we’d be in the klink…

6.  GREAT NEWS….if you missed the incredible movie ‘THE KING’S SPEECH” when it was at carmike, don’t despair…it’s back again, but this time at the CAPITOL THEATER….it’s an awesome movie, that i predict will win a lot of awards sunday night at the ACADEMY AWARDS SHOW…it should win “BEST PICTURE”, too…go see this movie and let me know what you think….by the way, i have a lovely lady in my congregation in HECLA who is from ENGLAND, and she said she remembers sitting by the radio when she was 11 years old listening to that speech…HOW COOL IS THAT?

7.  HARRY REID said that the time has come for congress to outlaw prostitution….he’d better be careful…right now CHARLIE SHEEN’S visits are the only thing keeping NEVADA’S economy afloat….

8.  RUSH LIMBAUGH is under fire for mocking first lady MICHELLE OBAMA’S weight by saying that she’s “no swimsuit model.”  but then again, neither is RUSH….and i thank GOD daily for that….

9.  12 percent of AMERICANS say that FACEBOOK makes them feel “anxious.”  also feeling anxious about FACEBOOK are 100 percent of MIDDLE EAST DICTATORS….

10.  a 95 year old NEW YORK woman set a world record for SPRINTING…WOW…and yet she’s still late all the time for bingo…

11.  CHARLIE SHEEN is talking about making a “MAJOR LEAGUE 4” movie….the one line that will be heard on the set?  “BE CAREFUL…CHARLIE’S HERE, AND THAT AIN’T CHALK ON THE FOUL LINES!!!”

12.  GEORGE CLOONEY says that he’s slept with too many women and has done way too many drugs to ever run for president…that is, of course, unless his running mate is CHARLIE SHEEN…

13.  LINDSAY LOHAN was in court wednesday on jewelry theft charges…she told the judge to hurry up, because she had to steal something to wear to THE ACADEMY AWARDS this sunday night….

14.  reaction continues to a man who jumped the baricades at NBC’S TODAY SHOW…the man is still being evaluated for emotional problems…people say that he’s insane…way out there….and has different personalities…PERFECT TO CO-HOST WITH KATHIE LEE AND HODA…


This guy was driving in a car with a blonde. He told her to stick her head out the window and see if the blinker worked.

She stuck her head out and said, ‘Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes…’






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