random thoughts for wednesday march 2nd, 2011

congrats to my friend KEVIN for photoshopping a photo of me as one of my favorite characters EVER…

yes, it’s PEE WEE HERMAN himself…..i went as PEE WEE for halloween a few years back.  i’m going to have to find that photo and scan it for this blog sometime….

by the way, i couldn’t be more excited.  PEE WEE HERMAN’S broadway show was recorded and will run on HBO this month…and i’ll be sitting right there ready to watch it…i think PAUL REUBENS, who portrays PEE WEE, is one of the most talented comedians out there….


today’s daily blog is sponsored by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS both of ABERDEEN….


1.  SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE veteran LARAINE NEWMAN is having a birthday today…she turns 59 today…knock knock knockin’ on the door to 60……she is one of the original cast members of SNL…

she’s the one crouching over on the left side…and here is LARAINE NEWMAN today at 59….

by the way, a friend of mine bought the first season of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on DVD recently, and said that it’s not as good as we remember the show being….isn’t that true with a lot of stuff?  it’s better to keep it in our heads and remember how good we thought things were….

2.  I’M SO EXCITED…..my nephew COREY and his lovely wife LEAH had a baby yesterday…yep, that’s a great nephew for JEANNIE AND ME….his name is AVERY JAMES…and he’s adorable…

here’s one of AVERY with my beautiful great niece BROOKE….

i have beautiful relatives..too bad i broke the string of good looking people….anyway, isn’t it hard to beleive that our kids were once this tiny?

3.  i’m becoming a huge fan of GEOFFREY RUSH.  i’m in the group that thought GEOFFREY should have won best supporting actor for his portray in “THE KING’S SPEECH.”

here’s a couple of other classic roles for MR. RUSH…he played a bad pirate in “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.”

and he won an ACADEMY AWARD for his starring role in the movie “SHINE” back in 1996….GREAT MOVIE BY THE WAY…

4.  there’s not a lot of movies coming out that i’m excited to see, but this weekend there is.  it’s called “THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU.”

MATT DAMON and EMILY BLUNT star in this movie about a chance meeting that they had that supposedly shouldn’t have happened.  apparently there’s a group of me that control everything that happens in the world, and these two shouldn’t be together, so they try to end the relationship.  i think it looks pretty good.

5.  when i go to a restraunt for a nice supper, i like to order steak and shrimp.  i love that combo…well, i have never tasted shrimp at a restraunt that even COMPARES to what my son MITCHELL makes at home.  MITCHELL makes food like i do.  he just kind of grabs the seasonings that he wants and makes the food.  his shrimp is fantastic.  and last night i told him that if his music industry plans don’t work out after high school, he should go to culinary school and become a chef. he would be GREAT…

6.  why do i get the feeling that something really ugly is going to happen in LIBYA and that our country is going to get involved?  i certainly hope not, but it’s probably headed that way.  especially when you have a nutjob in the leader’s position.  i do get a kick out of the UNITED STATES government though.  we don’t say a thing about their leader until people are trying to oust him, then we’ve been wanting him out of office forever…..

7.  health officials have found the bacteria that causes legionaire’s disease at the PLAYBOY MANSION after 200 people who attended an event last month became ill.  it’s a powerful bacteria, but it’s still not match for HEFNER’S “old man smell.”

8.  a group in TEXAS is offering scholarships to white men only…i beleive they’re called “hockey scholarships.”

9.  LINDSAY LOHAN has reportedly signed a book deal worth millions of dollars….it will be published in a small purse-size edition that will be easy to shoplift.

10.  reports say that LADY GAGA may become godmother to ELTON JOHN’S son…that kid is going to go totally looney trying to keep up playing “dress up” with her….

11.  according to a just-released FBI file, in 1961 a young TED KENNEDY visited CHILE and rented an ENTIRE BROTHEL…TRY AND TOP THAT, CHARLIE SHEEN….

12.  singer CHRISTINA AGUILERA was arrested on tuesday for being severely drunk in public.  she spoke to the media afterwards and said, “xoiphsefmges zerahzoerhamdreohg”…..


After a heavy night at the pub, a drunken man decides to sleep off his drunkenness at a local hotel. He approaches the reception desk, takes care of the formalities and heads off to his suite. Several minutes later, the drunk staggers back to the reception desk and demands his room be changed. “But sir,” said the clerk, “you have the best room in the hotel.” “I insist on another room!!!” said the drunk. “Very good, sir. I’ll change you from 502 to 525. Would you mind telling me why you don’t like 502?” asked the clerk. “Well, for one thing,” said the drunk, “it’s on fire.”






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