random thoughts for thursday march 3rd, 2011



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1.  remember STEPHANIE from “ALL IN THE FAMILY?”  she was the young lady who was on the show in the later years.  STEPHANIE was played by actress DANIELLE BRISBOISE…see if you remember her…here she is from the show.  one of the pictures is with ARCHIE BUNKER himself, actor CARROLL O’CONNOR…

well, this should make you feel old…DANIELLE BRISBOISE is now 41 years old…FOURTY ONE YEARS OLD…wow….and she’s currently an accomplished singer and songwriter…here is DANIELLE BRISBOISE today….

2.  here’s a classic commercial for you today…MR. WHIPPLE says “DON’T SQUEEZE THE CHARMIN.”


3.  man, this is sad.  legendary movie star MICKEY ROONEY appeared before congress yesterday to talk about elderly abuse.

MICKEY ROONEY, who is now 90 years old, says that he was physically and mentally abused by a relative who ended up stealing a bunch of money from him.  in my opinion, prison time is too easy when you abuse elderly people…how pathetic…

4.  must be something wrong with my cable tv….it seems that every channel above ESPN channel 25 was off yesterday…scared me, because i thought our tv had blown up or something.  i’m going to have to check it out today, because JAY DEAN gets crabby when he can’t watch “FAMILY GUY” while trying to get to sleep….

5.  am i the only person that doesn’t watch “MIKE AND MOLLY” on CBS?  my wife JEANNIE loves that show, and i’ve watched it with her, but i can’t get into it….


it’s not that bad that we disagree on a tv show..i mean, it’s like pulling teeth to get JEANNIE to watch ‘FAMILY GUY’ with us boys….

but we absolutely do agree on two tv shows…they are our favorites on tv….we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new show “OUTSOURCED” which is on NBC thursday nights at 9:30…we’re absolutely disappointed that they moved it from it’s slot right after “THE OFFICE.”

if you haven’t watched the show, try it out…you may like it.

and speaking of “THE OFFICE” that’s the other show that we do not miss…

between TYLER and us, we have every box set of the show.  JEANNIE AND I usually watch at least one episode every single day…sometimes more episodes when we have time….i can’t imagine what they are going to do when STEVE CARRELL leaves at the end of the season…

6.  i miss CAPTAIN 11……

of course, DAVE DEDRICK of KELOLAND played him…just thinking about him brings back all kinds of memories of getting off the bus QUICKLY because the show was starting…i don’t remember if it was TROY or ME, but one of us actually had our name drawn to try and get a key to open the toy chest…remember that?  we didn’t win though…CRAP..

7.  according to a new study, AMERICAN adults have a much higher obesity rate than CANADIAN adults….the CANADIANS stay thin by running and dodging the stray bullets that are coming from ALASKA when SARAH  PALIN goes caribou hunting…

8.  DICK’S SPORTING GOODS has recalled 230,000 excercise resistance tubes because they can harm the user..the number one cause of injuries?  when the box they are stored in falls out of the closet and hits somebody on the head…..

9. a BROOKSVILLE, FLORIDA couple were arrested after they go into a fight because the woman changed her FACEBOOK relationship status…she now has changed it from “in a relationship” to “in a jail cell.”

10.  NEW YORK model and psychology buff SARAH WHITE is offering “NAKED THERAPY” in which she helps men open up about thier feelings.  she takes off all of her clothes…every stitch of them, including her freudian slip….this is actually her…

i think i need to sort out my suppressed childhood memories..

11.  JOKES OF THE DAY:  (because there’s nothing funnier than death…)

Morris returned from a doctor’s visit one day and told his wife, Alma, that the doctor said he only had 24 hours to live.
     Wiping away her tears, he asked her to make love with him. Of course she agreed and they made mad passionate love.
     Six hours later, Morris went to her again, and said. “Honey now I only have 18 hours left to live. Maybe we could make love again?”
     Alma agrees and again they make love.
     Later Morris is getting into bed when he realized he now had only eight hours left. He touched Alma’s shoulder and said, “Honey? Please? Just one more time before I die.”
     She agreed, then afterwards she rolled over and fell asleep.
     Morris, however, heard the clock ticking in his head, and tossed and turned until he was down to only four more hours.
     He tapped his wife on the shoulder to wake her up. “Honey, I only have four hours left! Could we?”
     His wife sat up abruptly, turned to him and said, “Listen Morris, I have to get up in the morning! You don’t!”


    Osama Bin-Laden started believing in astrology and went to a special astrologist to ask him when will be the day he dies.
    “You will die on an American holiday”, said the astrologist.
    “How can you be so sure of that?” asked Bin-Laden.
    “Well, any day you die will be an American holiday.”





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