random thoughts for wednesday march 9th, 2011



today’s daily blog is sponsored by DISCOUNT VAC AND DAKOTA HOT TUBS, BOTH IN ABERDEEN….


1.  well, this ought to make you feel old today…EMMANUEL LEWIS who played “WEBSTER” on the tv show of the same name hits 40 today!!! man, oh man…..here’s a couple of pictures of the little cutie from the show, which also starred SUSAN CLARK and her husband, former NFL star ALEX KARRAS….

and here is EMMANUEL LEWIS today at the age of 40…


2.  we’re going to start a new segment on today’s blog called WHATEVER HAPPENED TO…..”

today we will feature actor SEBASTIAN CABOT, who played “MR. FRENCH” on “FAMILY AFFAIR.”

SEBASTIAN CABOT was born in 1918 in LONDON, and appeared in many BRITISH shows and plays before becoming a hit in the UNITED STATES as MR. FRENCH….here are a couple of photos of SEBASTIAN while on the 60’s show “FAMILY AFFAIR.”…which is one of my favorite shows of all time…you have to love BUFFY AND JODY…

did you know that SEBASTIAN CABOT did a tribute album to BOB DYLAN, where he SPOKE the lyrics of his songs?  would love to get my hands on that album….ha ha

here’s a picture of SEBASTIAN CABOT later in life….

MR. CABOT died in 1977 at the age of 59 due to a stroke…he is buried just a few feet from BRIAN KEITH who played the dad on “FAMILY AFFAIR.”  man, does he have a very modest gravesite…

3.  your classic commercial for today…

remember “SPEEDY” from the ALKA SELTZER commercial?  here’s a 60’s commercial that has the words we all know and love….


4.  maybe i’m crazy for thinking this but i think that CHARLIE SHEEN would be a great replacement for STEVE CARRELL when STEVE leaves “THE OFFICE” at the end of the season….yeah, CHARLIE’S crazy, but he would make a tremendous boss for that staff…(that is, if CHARLIE lives long enough to do the show.)

5.  i didn’t dare try the roads out to go to HECLA last night for our church council meeting, so i did something i don’t get to do a lot…i parked my rear end on the couch for the night last night…it felt good…i had the opportunity to watch the MINNESOTA WILD hockey game against the COLORADO AVALANCHE, in which my WILD scored three goals in the 3rd period…that was fun…who would have ever thought that i’d become a hockey freak?  THANKS A LOT MINNESOTA WILD AND ABERDEEN WINGS…ha ha ha

6.  i ended up in an intersection, not once but TWICE yesterday, and i wasn’t even going that fast…i was probably doing 20 mph in a 30 mph zone, but it didn’t seem to matter…it was incredibly slippery yesterday and it continues today…do you know what th worst thing is?  NOT BEING ABLE TO TELL ROAD FROM DITCH….

7.  it’s daylight savings time this weekend…so set your clocks AHEAD one hour…which means we get one less hour of the CHARLIE SHEEN meltdown coverage…

8.  a swath of the DEEP SOUTH from LOUISIANA thru SOUTH CAROLINA has been dubbed the “DIABETES BELT”, because of the obesity rates…it used to be called the BIBLE BELT, but apparently they outgrew that belt….

9.  ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER says that he has FIFTEEN movie offers…but don’t get too excited…it’s part of a welcome back package from NETFLIX…

10.  things only continue to get worse for LINDSAY LOHAN…not only did she apparently steal some jewelry from a store, but apparently when she pulled up to the store, SHE STOLE SOMEONE’S PARKING SPACE…shame on her….

11.  a spokesman for singer PHIL COLLINS says that the singer is not retiring after all…three players from the MINNESOTA VIKINGS then flew to his house and talked him out of it…..

12.  MIAMI HEAT coach ERIK SPOELSTRA said that the media “overreacted” when he said his players were crying after sunday’s loss to the CHICAGO BULLS…it’s common to cry in the NBA…just ask us MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES fans…

13.  KENNY ROGERS has released his first gospel album..it’s called “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.”  which ironically enough is exactly what he said when he first saw his plastic surgery results…”FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


A guy was at the State Fair one day, and decided to visit the livestock section. He saw this farmer there and his pig with only three legs.
    This was really weird, so he asked him, “Excuse me, why does your pig only have three legs?”
    The farmer replied, “Well, this pig here’s name is Peewee, and lemme tell you a story about him. One day, I was out on my tractor when something went wrong and the tractor accidentally got turned over. I was going to be crushed and would have died, ‘cept Peewee here ran over and dragged me out. He saved my life.”
    And the guy said, “WOW! That’s amazing! But why does he only have three legs?”
    And the farmer said, “Well, lemme tell you a story. My son was fishing in the pond when all of a sudden, he fell right in. And somehow, his foot got trapped in a reed in the pond. He would’ve drowned to death if Peewee hadn’t ran outside, untangled him, dragged him out from the pond, and applied Peewee-to-mouth resuscitation. He saved his life.”
    And the guy said, “WOW! That’s amazing! But why does he only have three legs?”
    And the farmer said, “Well, lemme tell you a story. My daughter was getting water from the well. All of a sudden, she fell right in! And she screamed and screamed, but no one could hear her! She would’ve died, ‘cept Peewee here ran outside and rescued her. He saved her life.”
    And the guy said, “WOW! That’s amazing! But why does he only have three legs?!”
    And the farmer said, “Well, a pig that special you can’t eat all at once.”





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