random thoughts for monday march 21st, 2011

MONDAY MONDAY….have you ever thought about how much we hate mondays?  well, i will bet you that if we didn’t work on mondays, we would gripe about tuesdays, right?  ha ha


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1.  today we find out where actress CHARLOTTE RAE is today…you may remember her as MRS. GARRETT…did you remember that MRS. GARRETT got her start on “DIFFERENT STROKES?”

this was back in the day of the “spin-offs”, and after “STROKES”, MRS. GARRETT got her own tv show called “THE FACTS OF LIFE.”

CHARLOTTE RAE is now 84 years old, and here’s what she looks like today.

so, how about the girls on the show?  here’s a recent picture of a few of them…

actress MINDY COHN is on the left…she played “NATALIE” and she is now 44 years old.

LISA WHELCHEL played the snobby “BLAIR” and LISA is now 47 years old.

NANCY MCKEON played “JO”, who i had the hots for back then…NANCY is now 44 years old.

and how about TOOTIE?

actress KIM FIELDS played “TOOTIE” on the show, and she is now 41 years old….


2.  today we find out “WHATEVER HAPPENED TO” actor FRED MACMURRAY….FRED played STEVE DOUGLAS, the dad on “MY THREE SONS.”

in addition to “MY THREE SONS”, FRED MACMURRAY also appeared in such DISNEY movies as “THE ABSENT MINDED PROFESSOR”  “SON OF FLUBBER”, “THE SHAGGY DOG” and more…

actor FRED MACMURRAY died of pneumonia  in 1991 at the age of 83….

here’s a photo of him in his later years…


3.  well, after over NINE MONTHS of waiting to see this movie, i finally saw it yesterday…i have been waiting to see “GET LOW” starring BILL MURRAY, ROBERT DUVALL, AND SISSY SPACEK…

I LOVED THIS MOVIE…DEFINETLY WORTH THE WAIT…ROBERT DUVALL stars as a man who goes into the wilderness after something happens…he spends 40 years out there, and then comes into town to plan his funeral, but there’s a twist…HE WANTS TO BE AT HIS OWN FUNERAL, SO HE CAN HEAR WHAT PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT HIM…and then at the end, there’s a revelation about why he went to the woods in the first place…..GOOD GOOD STUFF…highly recommend this one…

4.  i did something friday night that i haven’t done for a long time….I WENT TO A LATE MOVIE…AND STAYED AWAKE…ha ha…i went to the state ‘b’ tourney friday night, and afterwards went to see the new BRADLEY COOPER and ROBERT DENIRO movie called “LIMITLESS.”

  it’s about a guy who takes a pill that gives him incredible powers to be successful….but the pill has side effects…big ones….what did i think?  EH….very mediocre…hardly kept my attention thru the whole thing….i definetly wouldn’t watch it again, and certainly wouldn’t buy it.

5.  i felt bad for my son MITCHELL friday night….a list of “last times” started friday night, with his last night playing pep band….MITCHELL is just like I was…we LOVED pep band…in fact, band is the most important to MITCHELL, and was to me, too….i could tell afterwards that it was bothering him.  and just to let you know, THE WARNER PEP BAND absolutely rocked the BARNETT CENTER…they got numerous rounds of applause, and their “four corner” rendition of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER blew people away…i had a lump in my throat during the song…it was so so so so beautiful…..hats off to you, again, MRS. SCHWAN….

6.  wow…nice appearance by my TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS in the NCAA tournament….

i absolutely LOVE my orange, but they were crushed by MICHIGAN by THIRTY POINTS on friday….very lackluster and very disappointing….oh well, season’s over. now we turn our attention to the TENNESSEE women in the tourney….they play MARQUETTE at 6:00 tonight…guess where i’ll be?

7.  the LABOR DEPARTMENT says that the cost of living for AMERICANS hit an all time in february….it’s so bad that people cannot even afford the essentials like an I-POD and an I-PAD…

8.  in a new poll, independents chose CHARLIE SHEEN over SARAH PALIN for president by a 84-16 percent margin…that’s because they are pretty sure that CHARLIE SHEEN will legalize prostitution and cocaine…(besides, if we wanted someone rambling incoherently on tv, we would just watch members of CONGRESS.)

9.  coffee prices continue to rise…on wednesday we’ll bomb COLUMBIA…

10.  bible scholars are claiming that GOD had a wife….and the real reason he took the 7th day off?  his wife was nagging to get the yard work done…

11.  two disc jockeys from GREAT BRITIAN set a new world record by broadcasting on the air for FIFTY TWO HOURS STRAIGHT…they apparently played the song “INAGODDADAVIDA” like five times….

12.  PLAYBOY magazine has announced that their april issue will feature HELEN THOMAS as the interview subject….

ummm…here’s an idea on how to sell more PLAYBOY magazines….never ever mention the name HELEN THOMAS and the word PLAYBOY in the same sentence ever again….

13.  former TIGER WOOD’S girlfriend RACHEL UCHITEL has completed a course in becoming a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR…makes sense to me…i’ve heard that she does her best work “undercovers.”

14.  BILLY RAY CYRUS told the women on “THE VIEW” that he no longer wants to file for divorce from his wife.  he said he wants to reconcile asap…..yep…nothing clears your head like a heart-to-heart talk with your accountant….


there was this guy named OLE who was the only LUTHERAN in a big neighborhood of CATHOLICS…well, during LENT, OLE liked to go outside and grill big, juicy, steaks that drove the neighbors crazy, because they had to eat fish….so, the CATHOLICS went and talked to their priest and told him he had to do something about it.  so, the priest goes to OLE and tells him that he wants him to become CATHOLIC…OLE agrees, and the next sunday shows up in the CATHOLIC church where the priest takes him up front.  he showers OLE with holy water and says, “YOU WERE BORN LUTHERAN, YOU WERE RAISED LUTHERAN, AND NOW YOU ARE CATHOLIC.”  OLE thanked him and went home.  and sure enough, the next friday night, there was OLE out back grilling steaks again.  so, the CATHOLICS called the priest and he came running over.  as they all approached OLE’S backyard they saw him spraying holy water on the steaks and saying, “YOU WERE BORN DEER, YOU WERE RAISED DEER, AND NOW YOU ARE WALLEYE…”   (love love love that joke….)






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