random thoughts for thursday march 24th, 2011



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1.  a movie legend is gone…ELIZABETH TAYLOR died yesterday at the age of 79 after being in the hospital for a long time.  she had years of on and off again health problems.  ELIZABETH TAYLOR was the champion of many different causes, including AIDS after the death of her good friend ROCK HUDSON…..she appeared in such movies as “CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF”, “WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOLF”, AND “CLEOPATRA” just to name a few.

not to be disrespectful, but i was never really a big ELIZABETH TAYLOR fan…i always felt that when she was talking to us that she was talking “down” to us…..maybe i’m wrong, but that’s how i felt.  i can’t deny though the HOLLYWOOD power this woman had, and her resume speaks for itself.

2.  in our “WHATEVER HAPPENED TO” file for today, we find out what happened to actor EDDIE ALBERT….

EDDIE, of course, is known for starring with EVA GABOR in the classic tv show “GREEN ACRES.”

i used to love EDDIE ALBERT’S show with ROBERT WAGNER and SHARON GLESS called “SWITCH.”  remember that?

EDDIE ALBERT suffered from alzheimers the last few years of his life, and died at the age of 99 back in 2005….sadly, his son, actor EDDIE ALBERT JR., died at the age of 55 one year after his dad, due to lung cancer….

here’s a  picture of EDDIE ALBERT later in life…

and here’s EDDIE ALBERT’S gravesite…

3. WHAT A HORRIBLE LAST TWO DAYS….as you may recall, my sister KRISTA and I  took my FATHER to MINNEAPOLIS on tuesday for his doctor’s appointments…well, just like clockwork, we drove into the horrible snowy weather about 30 miles out of ORTONVILLE…..and we drove 15-20 miles an hour all the way to PIERPONT….SEVEN AND A HALF HOUR RIDE FROM MINNEAPOLIS TO PIERPONT…so, add an extra hour to ABERDEEN, and it would have been an EIGHT AND  HALF HOUR RIDE….

4.  we would have spent the night in MILBANK, but my dad uses batteries for his heart pump, and we weren’t sure we had enough to go thru the night….so, we had to venture all the way back to PIERPONT, including going thru FOUR COUNTIES that had NO TRAVEL ADVISORIES…yep, it was tons of fun…(i’m being sarcastic of course.)

5.  all the nightmare’s you’ve heard about driving thru SUMMIT are true…OH MY GOODNESS…it was complete whiteout, with swirling winds, swirling snow, and zero visibility for quite a few miles….that area is certainly harsh to drive thru during the winter…

6.  so, KRISTA AND I got up early yesterday morning, hoping to venture back to ABERDEEN…no such luck…they recieved a lot more snow east of ABERDEEN, than in the city…..i went outside and buried KRISTA’S car in the driveway, then proceeded to bury my MOM AND DAD’S van in the yard as well…SIDEWAYS…yep, i was trying to turn it around so we could drive forward out of the driveway…good intentions but horrible results…ha ha

7.  CONGRESSIONAL members are trying to reverse the upcoming ban on 100 watt incandescent light bulbs…the reason?  there are already enough dim bulbs in CONGRESS…

8.  a new study shows that sex can trigger heart attacks in older people…that’s why HUGH HEFNER has a younger heart on ice sitting by his bedside in a cooler….

9.  a pet turtle in BROOKLYN started a fire and destroyed an apartment…the turtle is still on it’s way to the telephone…

10.  it’s rumored that GLENN BECK may leave FOX NEWS and start his own cable channel…you’ll find it on your remote button on the right…way over to the right…way way way over to the right…

11.  TMZ reports that singer CHRIS BROWN’S “GOOD MORNING AMERICA” meltdown was not a good thing…CHRIS BROWN was unstable and trashed his dressing room…oh yes, and in other news CHRIS BROWN has been added to the CHARLIE SHEEN tour…

12.  another performer has been injured during the SPIDERMAN broadway show….producers are asking people to please refrain from saying “BREAK A LEG.”


There were two blondes with hammers, Becky and Sally Ann, doing some carpentry work on a house. Becky, who was nailing down house siding would reach into her nail pouch, pull out a nail and either toss it over her shoulder or nail it in.
Sally Ann, figuring this was worth looking into asked, “Why are you throwing those nails away?”
Becky explained, “When I pull a nail out of my pouch about half of them have the head on the wrong end and I throw them away.”
Sally Ann got completely upset and yelled, “You moron!!! Those nails aren’t defective, they’re for the other side of the house.”





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