random thoughts for friday april 29th, 2011

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYBODY….LOVE THIS NEXT CARTOON..ONE OF MY FAVORITES FROM “THE FAR SIDE.”   1.  remember VALERIE HARPER?  she starred in the tv show “RHODA”….well, we’re going to feature her today…here are a couple of pictures of VALERIE HARPER and her cast members on the hit tv show…. VALERIE HARPER is now 71 years old […]

random thoughts for thursday april 28th, 2011

MY COMPUTER SAYS THAT THIS IS POST NUMBER 1,000…HOW ABOUT THAT? HAPPY THURSDAY EVERYBODY!!!!!   1.  you’re not going to beleive this, but beautiful actress ANN MARGRET is 70 years old today!!! SEVENTY…wow…and she still looks good….here’s the little hottie years ago… and here’s the 70 year old birthday girl today….the first one is with […]

random thoughts for wednesday april 27th, 2011

HERE’S HOW WE ALL FEEL ONCE IN AWHILE…   1.  guess who’s having a birthday today?  the very beautiful and very talented SHEENA EASTON….guess how old she is?  52 years old today….SHEENA has always been one of the most beautiful girls in music….check out these older pictures… here’s SHEENA EASTON today on her 52nd birthday…still […]

random thoughts for tuesday april 26th, 2011

HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYBODY…   1.  happy birthday wishes today are in order for legendary funny woman CAROL BURNETT….CAROL is 78 today….it’s so hard to beleive that CAROL BURNETT is pushing 80…wow…well, let’s salute her with a picture scrapbook today… here’s an early shot of CAROL…she’s surrounded by STEVE LAWRENCE and EYDIE GOURMET…. here’s one  of […]

random thoughts for monday april 25th, 2011

24 years ago today, the most beautiful woman in the world decided to let me be her husband….ROSLYN’S best woman ever, married yours truly  on this date in 1987 in ROSLYN…. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABE!!!!   1.  there’s a man celebrating a birthday today…you may not know his name but you will definetly know him….BJORN ULVAEUS is […]

random thoughts for friday april 22nd, 2011

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYBODY….   1.  happy birthday wishes are going out to singer GLEN CAMPBELL.  this weekend GLEN will be turning 75 years old…that is unbeleiveable…..75 this weekend…. GLEN CAMPBELL is one of my favorite singers of all time.  i’ve loved just about everything he put out..”GALVESTON”, “BY THE TIME I GET TO PHOENIX,”  “GENTLE […]

random thoughts for thursday april 21st, 2011

HAPPY THURSDAY EVERYBODY…   1.  happy birthday wishes are going out to actor CHARLES GRODIN…he turns 76 today….remember him?     here’s CHARLES GRODIN today on his 76th birthday…. 2.  guess who else has a birthday today?  TONY DANZA…guess how old he turns today?  are you ready for this?  SIXTY…YEP..TONY DANZA IS 60…..here’s a couple […]


THESE ARE TRUE AND HILARIOUS…. 1)  – This is a picture of an octopus.  It has eight testicles.             (Kelly, age 6)                                                                                                                                                   2)  –  Oysters’ balls are called pearls.               (Jerry, age 6)                                                                                                        3)  –  If you are surrounded by ocean, you are on an island.  If you don’t […]

random thoughts for wednesday april 20th, 2011

dear old man winter….DIE ALREADY….   1.  can you beleive that actor RYAN O’NEAL turns 70 today…yep, SEVENTY….RYAN, of course, is the father of TATUM O’NEAL, and was the constant companion of FARRAH FAWCETT up until her death quite a few months ago…in fact, FARRAH died the same day as MICHAEL JACKSON, and she didn’t […]

random thoughts for tuesday april 19th, 2011

HERE’S YOUR TUESDAY MORNING FUNNY….   it’s another edition of “INSIDE JAY DEAN’S BRAIN.”  thank you for checking this out every day…HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of people check this out every day, and i appreciate it so much…make sure to tell ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS to check out the blog…they may enjoy it too… […]