random thoughts for tuesday april 19th, 2011



it’s another edition of “INSIDE JAY DEAN’S BRAIN.”  thank you for checking this out every day…HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of people check this out every day, and i appreciate it so much…make sure to tell ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS to check out the blog…they may enjoy it too…


1.  we had a wonderful suggestion from one of our blog readers yesterday.  he sent me a message to say “why don’t you see what happened to comedian RICH LITTLE?”  so, YOU ASKED, I DELIVER….

RICH LITTLE is one of the funniest comedians to ever hit the stage in my opinion.  his “dead on” impersonations have brought him millions of fans…here’s a couple of early publicity pictures of RICH LITTLE….



RICH LITTLE is still performing out in LAS VEGAS, and live in VEGAS as well….RICH is from CANADA originally, and back in 2008 he was sworn in as an AMERICAN citizen in LAS VEGAS….he is known as “THE MAN WITH A THOUSAND VOICES.”

RICH LITTLE, by the way, is now 72 years old….

here are a couple of pictures of RICH LITTLE recently, including one with actor JAMES MACARTHUR who played “DANN-O” on “HAWAII FIVE-O.”  JAMES died just a few months ago…


here’s  a cool video of RICH LITTLE on a recent appearance on “LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN.”  he still has it!!!



2.  24 years ago today, actor HUGH BRANNUM passed away at the age of 77…..don’t know the name?  oh, you will…HUGH BRANNUM was “MR. GREEN JEANS” on “CAPTAIN KANGAROO.”

HUGH BRANNUM started out as a vocalist, arranger and composer of music, in fact, he was a member of the legendary big band sound of “FRED WARING AND HIS PENNSYLVANIANS.”  in this band, and his early day on tv and radio, he used his childhood nickname “LUMPY.”

here are a couple of early pictures of HUGH BRANNUM…

but, of course, HUGH BRANNUM is mostly known as BOB KEESHAN’S sidekick, “MR. GREEN JEANS” on one of my favorite kiddie shows “CAPTAIN KANGAROO.”

remember him?


he died on this date in 1987 in EAST STROUDSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA at the age of 77……..

here’s something unique…this is MR. GREEN JEANS and CAPTAIN KANGAROO singing together on a song called “THE HORSE IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS.”  remember this song?



3.  yesterday i forgot to talk about the “TASTE OF HOME COOKING SHOW” that was held this past saturday in ABERDEEN…what a great success…..everybody i talked to said that it was the best show ever…..we had almost 600 people in attendance…..JAMIE DUNN was our featured culinary specialist, and SHE WAS A BLAST….i had only talked to her for five minutes before we did the show, and it felt like we had talked for hours….great fun….

4.  remember MARCIA CLARK, the attorney from the O.J. SIMPSON trial? well, she was featured recently on TMZ.COM, and they focused on her looks over the past 10-15 years….she is one of the rare instances where someone looks YOUNGER and more BEAUTIFUL as she ages….

5.  i took a lot of crap saturday at the TASTE OF HOME SHOW, when i announced on stage that my all time favorite sandwich is a ‘MIRACLE WHIP AND PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH.”  it’s true….i just had one sunday night…..i don’t know why, but i love the taste of these two items together, although most of the crowd saturday seemed to not care for it….ha ha….back in the 90’s when i was doing the JAY AND TANEA MORNING SHOW on PHEASANT COUNTRY 103, we made these sandwiches for people one day, so they could stop on the way to work and try one out….many people liked them…of course, then again, many people didn’t….

6.  i had a lady kiddingly tell me the other day that i was going to be her “next ex-husband.”  HMMM…THAT DOESN’T SEEM TOO PROMISING….

7.  okay..here’s my soapbox…the NFL owners and NFL players had better get their heads out of thier butts and agree on a contract….i’m getting SICK AND TIRED of not seeing any NFL player or team news……the schedules for the NFL get released tonight, and i could give a crap…..why tempt us for a season that may never happen?  i do know one thing….the MINNESOTA VIKINGS play at my WASHINGTON REDSKINS out in D.C…..i would LOVE to fly out for that game….

8.  the world’s oldest man, 114 year old WALTER BREUNING, died last week in MONTANA…how sad..his family warned him that his way of living would eventually kill him….

9.  KOHLER has introduced the “ultimate toilet”, the $6300 dollar NUMI TOILET….it comes complete with a heated seat, built in computer and stereo, and foot warming air vents….heck, throw in a domino’s pizza delivery and you’ll never have to leave the bathroom again!!!

10.  a butcher in ITALY was arrested for selling meat that was SEVERAL YEARS past the expiration date…it was so old that LADY GAGA said that she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it…

11.  NBC is scaling back it’s coverage of the “ROYAL WEDDING” after research found that AMERICAN audiences find PRINCE WILLIAM AND KATE MIDDLETON boring….only in AMERICA would people be happier if PRINCE WILLIAM married SNOOKI from “JERSEY SHORE.”

12.  NEW ORLEANS police claim that actor NICHOLAS CAGE was heavily intoxicated when he was arrested for disturbing the peace in the FRENCH QUARTER…here’s my question….JUST HOW DAMN DRUNK DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO STAND OUT IN THE FRENCH QUARTER?

13.  new statistics show that 50 PERCENT of all U.S. households pay no income tax…that’s not that big of a deal when you consider that due to the economy 50 PERCENT of U.S. households have no income…


A 75 year old woman went to the doctor for a check up. The doctor told her she needed more cardiovascular activity and recommended that she engage in sexual activity three times a week.
    A bit embarrassed, she said to the doctor, “Please tell my husband.”
    The doctor went out into the waiting room and told the husband that his wife needed sex three times a week. The 80 year old husband replied, “Which days?”
    The doctor answered, “Monday, Wednesday, and Friday would be ideal.”
    The husband said, “I can bring her on Monday, and Wednesday but on Fridays, she’ll have to take the bus.”





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