random thoughts for wednesday april 20th, 2011

dear old man winter….DIE ALREADY….


1.  can you beleive that actor RYAN O’NEAL turns 70 today…yep, SEVENTY….RYAN, of course, is the father of TATUM O’NEAL, and was the constant companion of FARRAH FAWCETT up until her death quite a few months ago…in fact, FARRAH died the same day as MICHAEL JACKSON, and she didn’t get the respect she deserved because of the MICHAEL thing…anyway, RYAN O’NEAL is known for great roles like playing opposite ALI MCGRAW in “LOVE STORY.”

here’s RYAN O’NEAL today on his 70th birthday…the first one is with his daughter TATUM..

don’t you love the press?  they follow these celebrities EVERYWHERE….a guy can’t even pick his paper up in the morning…


2.  also, pop singer JOHNNY TILLOTSON turns 72 today….remember him?

here’s JOHNNY TILLOTSON today on his 72nd birthday…this is a picture taken with JOAN RIVERS…no wait…my whole story is a croc…and so is this….

remember JOHNNY TILLOTSON’S big hits?  you will…



and here’s my favorite JOHNNY TILLOTSON song, “IT KEEPS RIGHT ON A HURTIN.”



3.  in our “whatever happened to” file for today, we check out “THE PROFESSOR”  on “GILLIGAN’S ISLAND”….it’s actor RUSSELL JOHNSON….

he was a close friend of actor AUDIE MURPHY, and actually appeared in three of his films….he also starred in the 1953 classic “IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE.”

but, his biggest and most well known role came as “THE PROFESSOR” on “GILLIGAN’S ISLAND.”  he played this role during the entire run of the show from 1964-1967…that’s right, the show only lasted THREE SEASONS….RUSSELL’S character name on the show was ROY HINKLEY….

RUSSELL JOHNSON is 86 years old, and currently lives in the state of WASHINGTON…here he is today…


4.  here’s some sad news….there’s a boy in DILWORTH, MINNESOTA named DAYTYN HART who has been sick most of his life….and has endured more than 55 surgeries….and he’s only FIVE YEARS OLD….

this young boy was honored with a MAKE-A-WISH trip for him and his family to ORLANDO,FLORIDA last week…while at DISNEYWORLD, DAYTYN swam, got autographs from the characters, and rode some rides….he had a blast….then the next day he became lethargic and died…..how tragic is that?  he goes on a MAKE-A-WISH trip and dies while there…..his DAD said that after visiting those places he evidently was “satisfied” and then just let his guard down and passed away…our sympathies go out to this family for their loss….

5.  wow…it’s a busy HOLY WEEK…i have church services in HECLA on MAUNDY THURSDAY, GOOD FRIDAY, AND EASTER SUNDAY…plus on EASTER SUNDAY, our church youth group is serving breakfast from 7am-8:45am at ST. JOHN’S in HECLA, so that means i’ll have to leave home by 5:15am sunday to get there to help……sounds like i’ll be taking an EASTER nap at MOM AND DAD’S on sunday…ha ha

6.  i’m getting a lot of response for the ads i do with NIKKI for J.R.’S AFFORDABLE FURNITURE in ABERDEEN….we play a husband and wife who love shopping at the store….it’s funny, because some people stop me and are angry about NIKKI and I being married to other people while playing a married couple on the ads…..here’s my response…THEY ARE JUST ADS….NOT REAL LIFE….we’re promoting a business…it’s no different than someone acting in a movie or tv show…..just part of the business, so relax a little bit……

7.  MCDONALD’S restaurants yesterday hired 50,000 people as an effort to show the economy is on the rebound….the only stipulation was that they will not hire air traffic controllers to work the drive thru….

8.  the city of COMPTON, CALIFORNIA has opened a DRIVE THRU MORTUARY….”ummm….can i get fries and a diet pepsi with that cremation?”

9.  the director of the mafia’s JOHN GOTTI movie has quit because of a scheduling conflict….the conflict was that he noticed on his calendar that he was going to spend quality  time with his healthy kneecaps…

10.  CHARLIE SHEEN is seeking custody of his twin sons while his estranged wife BROOKE MUELLER enters rehab….court officials say that the twins should be put in a safer environment…like LIBYA….

11.  more embarrassment for the FAA as an air traffic controller was suspended for watching a DVD while working….in the guys defense, he did keep the volume low so he wouldn’t wake up the other air traffic controllers….


Three dead bodies turn up at the mortuary, all with very big smiles on their faces. The coroner calls in the police to tell them what has happened.
    First body: “Frenchman, 60, died of heart failure while making love to his mistress. Hence the enormous smile, inspector”, says the Coroner.
    Second body: “Scotsman, 25, won a thousand dollars  on the lottery, spent it all on whisky, died of alcohol poisoning, hence the smile.”
    The Inspector asked, “What of the third body?”
    “”This is the most unusual one: a gentleman  from poland,age  30, struck by lightning” says the coroner.
    “Why is he smiling then?” inquires the Inspector.
    “He thought he was having his photo taken.”


this joke probably won’t go over well in GRENVILLE..ha ha







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