random thoughts for tuesday april 26th, 2011



1.  happy birthday wishes today are in order for legendary funny woman CAROL BURNETT….CAROL is 78 today….it’s so hard to beleive that CAROL BURNETT is pushing 80…wow…well, let’s salute her with a picture scrapbook today…

here’s an early shot of CAROL…she’s surrounded by STEVE LAWRENCE and EYDIE GOURMET….

here’s one  of CAROL BURNETT and her great friend, the late ROCK HUDSON…


here’s CAROL doing one of her favorite characters, “EUNICE” from “MAMA’S FAMILY.”


here’s CAROL BURNETT today on her 78th birthday….still a classy, elegant lady….

here’s one of the last photos taken of the CAROL BURNETT SHOW cast….this was taken shortly before HARVEY KORMAN passed away….


2.  it was on this day back in 1973 that IRENE RYAN died at the age of 70….don’t know the name IRENE RYAN?  i guarantee you do…she played “GRANNY” on “THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES.”  here’s an early photo of IRENE RYAN before portraying GRANNY on the show…

of course, this is the role that we remember….


here’s a photo of IRENE RYAN a big later in her life…

as i mentioned, IRENE RYAN died on this date back in 1973 at the age of 70….she suffered a stroke while performing on BROADWAY in the play “PIPPIN.”  she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor beforehand, but reportedly didn’t know about it…..she is buried in the WOODLAWN MEMORIAL CEMETARY in SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA….in case you’re wondering, that’s her sister that she is buried with….

3.  how about a funny commercial for today…


4.  JEANNIE AND I celebrated our 24th anniversary yesterday by taking our boys, i mean men, TYLER AND MITCHELL to PIZZA HUT last night…we were waiting to try that new pizza that has pizza ingredients IN THE CRUST….and it didn’t disappoint…it was extremely good…highly recommended…

5.  you’ll never guess what i got in the mail yesterday…

that’s right, UNCLE BILL, MR. FRENCH, BUFFY, JODY, CISSY, AND MRS. BEASLEY are now gracing my television set…..i showed the box set to about 6 people yesterday, and they were split right down the middle on who liked the show and who didn’t like it…I LOVED THE SHOW…


7.  a baby boy was born last week in the back of a NEW YORK CITY cab…they were stuck in traffic so long, that the couple met, dated, and conceived the baby in the cab, too….

8.  a brewery in LONDON created a beer infused with viagra…this is a news story?  must be a really soft week for news….

9.  last week A ROBOT threw out the first pitch at a PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES baseball game…and there’s already a controversy….yesterday the robot tested positive for WD-40….

10.  TMZ is reporting that LINDSAY LOHAN beleives that the LOS ANGELES district attorney’s office is on a “witch hunt” to get her…LINDSAY is also angry about her community service at a morgue, and all of those jokes about her “stiff sentence.”


three pastors meet every monday morning for coffee at the local coffee shop.  they meet to talk about their churches and their lives.  on this particular day, they were talking about each of the churches having bats in their church attics…and they didn’t know how to get rid of them.  so, the pastors decided to go back to their churches and try some way to get rid of the bats, and then report back the next week to see how it worked….

when they met the next week, the first pastor said, “i used a baseball bat, but ended up smashing valuable items, and the bats are still there.”

pastor number two said, “i tried to fumigate them, but only ended up making people sick with it, and the bats are still there.”

pastor number three told the guys, “the bats are all gone.”  so they other pastors asked him how he got it done.

the third pastor said, “i went up there and baptized and confirmed the bats, and i haven’t seen them since.”





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