random thoughts for wednesday april 27th, 2011



1.  guess who’s having a birthday today?  the very beautiful and very talented SHEENA EASTON….guess how old she is?  52 years old today….SHEENA has always been one of the most beautiful girls in music….check out these older pictures…

here’s SHEENA EASTON today on her 52nd birthday…still gorgeous…


2.  what would a SHEENA EASTON tribute be without a couple of her hit songs?

here’s “MORNING TRAIN 9-5″…boy does this video have 80’s written all over it….a little trivia for you….SHEENA EASTON originally had this song called “9-5”, but had to change it because of another hit out….DOLLY PARTON’S monster hit “9-5.”


here’s my all time favorite SHEENA EASTON song…”YOU COULD HAVE BEEN WITH ME”….



3.  in our “whatever happened to” segment, we feature actor RAY BOLGER….RAY is mostly known for a major role that we will find out about soon…first of all, here’s an early photo of RAY BOLGER…

okay here we go…do you know his famous role?  RAY BOLGER is known worldwide as playing THE SCARECROW on my favorite movie “THE WIZARD OF OZ.”…here’s his picture during the early days of filming….

my friend KEVIN once made me into the SCARECROW….

RAY BOLGER also appeared on vaudeville, most on broadway, and had a recurring role as SHIRLEY JONES father in ‘THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY.”

RAY BOLGER died of bladder cancer in LOS ANGELES on january 15th, 1987…he died at the age of 83, five days after his birthday….RAY BOLGER is buried at HOLY CROSS CEMETARY in CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA…


4.  nothing much better than vanilla ice cream in a bowl, with hershey’s chocolate syrup covered with bananas….i’m lactose intolerant, but sometimes it’s close to worth it….

5.  i feel very sorry for our highway superintendents, area disaster management officials, and area county commissioners….it seems according to most people, they don’t do anything right during flooding….the fact is though, these people are doing the best they can with the resources they have….we need to give them a bit of a break so they can figure out how to handle things….flooding is never ever a good thing, and tempers flare when it hits close to home…..hopefully in the long run, things get worked out and we get back to normal….

6.  i’m pretty pumped up…the SOUTH DAKOTA STATE FAIR just announced thier rock act for the fair, and it’s none other than…


i guarantee you that we’ll be there…

7.  75 year old RON PAUL plans to run for PRESIDENT again…..he’s 75, so maybe “run” is the wrong word….

8.  pundits say that high gas prices will hurt PRESIDENT OBAMA’S re-election bid…even worse for him is the dollar declining, and CHARLIE SHEEN going down to just ONE GODDESS…..

9.  a brawl at a BABY SHOWER in MASSACHUSETTS left two people with stab wounds and three others arrested….yep..there’s nothing more precious than a baby’s first therapy session…

10.  some people in SAN FRANCISCO are trying to make it illegal to circumcise a child under 18….well, good luck getting them to hold still after they’re 18!!!!!!!!!!!!

11.  RAND MCNALLY has announced that there are over SEVEN HUNDRED newly discovered islands in the world…you can tell they’re new, because each of them only has seven starbucks on them….

12.  LINDSAY LOHAN got a standing ovation during a suprise visit to THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO….either that, or the crowd was standing up all at once to check their pockets and purses to see if she had stolen anything…

13.  LEVI JOHNSTON has signed a deal to write a book about SARAH PALIN and her family…..the publishing company explained to LEVI however, that before he writes a book, he has to ACTUALLY read one….

14.  the I-PHONE tracking scandal continues….why the hell didn’t we give one of those to OSAMA BIN LADEN?


An old man was eating lunch at a mall food court and he noticed a teenager with spiked hair and each spike was a different color – red, blue, green, orange, and yellow.
    Every time the teenager looks over he sees the old man staring at him.
    This goes on for a while and finally the teen said to the old man “What’s your problem old man, haven’t you ever done something crazy in your life?”
    Without hesitation the old man says “Yeah. I got so drunk one time. I hooked up with a parakeet and I was just wondering if you were my son.






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