random thoughts for friday april 29th, 2011



1.  remember VALERIE HARPER?  she starred in the tv show “RHODA”….well, we’re going to feature her today…here are a couple of pictures of VALERIE HARPER and her cast members on the hit tv show….

VALERIE HARPER is now 71 years old and still making appearances…remember this ?  RHODA got her start on the “MARY TYLER MOORE” show….here’s VALERIE HARPER today…

2.  in our “WHATEVER HAPPENED TO” file for today, we salute one of my all time favorite funny guys….the legendary CHARLIE CHAPLIN…or as he’s mostly known “SIR CHARLES CHAPLIN.”  CHARLIE, to me, is the best comedian of all time, because he made you role in the aisles AND DIDN’T SAY A WORD….his pratfalls and funny facial expressions have entertained millions for decades….here’s an early picture of CHARLIE CHAPLIN…

and here’s the CHARLIE CHAPLIN that we all know and love…the first picture is from the movie called “THE KID.”  guess who the kid is?  it’s JACKIE COOGAN, who played “UNCLE FESTER” on the hit tv show “THE ADDAMS FAMILY.”

here are a couple of other pictures of the legend…

CHARLIE CHAPLIN was known as kind of a “playboy” in his younger and later years….he was in trouble with the UNITED STATES government.  J. EDGAR HOOVER thought that CHAPLIN was a communist, and while CHARLIE was oversees, HOOVER took away his re-entry papers to our country…..

CHARLIE CHAPLIN had numerous health issues late in life, and by the end, was in a wheelchair and, ironically, didn’t speak much….just like his character “THE LITTLE TRAMP.”  he died in 1977 at the age of 88….but it didn’t end there….in 1978 some idiots stole CHARLIE CHAPLIN’S corpse and demanded ransom money…they didn’t get it and were arrested.  after that, CHARLIE CHAPLIN was buried six feet below in solid concrete…he’s buried in SWITZERLAND…

here’s CHARLIE CHAPLIN in his later years…

3.  if you are a CHARLIE CHAPLIN fan like i am, i encourage you to check out the movie “CHAPLIN” starring ROBERT DOWNEY, JR….he was AMAZING as CHAPLIN…

by the way, ROBERT DOWNEY, JR., recieved an OSCAR nomination for best actor for this movie…he did not win….

4.  AND DEPRESSION SETS IN THIS MORNING….i seriously am very sad this morning after watching MICHAEL SCOTT leave “THE OFFICE” last night….STEVE CARELL left the show last night, amongst many tears and hugs….it was sad…

MICHAEL SCOTT has been the centerpiece of “THE OFFICE” since it came on….i really hope the show can still be as successful from now on…it’s going to be sad to watch a “MICHAEL SCOTT-LESS” episode next year…and the rumors continue to circulate about who will replace him…so far, we’ve heard names like JIM CARREY, RAY ROMANO, WILL FERRELL, JAMES SPADER, and others….i hope it’s not WILL FERRELL…i don’t like his character on the show right now…

5.  the NFL draft was last night…..NFL commissioner ROGER GOODELL got the message last night…he was booed repeatedly, with people shouting in unison, “WE WANT FOOTBALL.”  maybe they’ll get their heads out of their rectums and find a solution now…..wow…the MINNESOTA VIKINGS are getting pounded on ESPN this morning about their pick of quarterback CHRISTIAN PONDER last night at pick number 12…..ESPN analysts say that PONDER would have easily still been available in the second round…..WAY TO GO VIKINGS… ha ha

6.  FINALLY, a movie i actually want to see is coming to the theaters….a couple of years back, JEANNIE AND I loved the movie “HOODWINKED.”  yes it was a cartoon…yes it is about LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and others, but it was a good movie…and starting tonight, the movie “HOODWINKED 2”  comes out…

i’m going to see it this weekend…i hope my beautiful better half will go with me…..if not, MORE POPCORN FOR ME…

7.  coffee prices are at a 34 year high…however, AMERICANS continue to drink it…everybody except air traffic controllers….

8.  tomorrow is “NATIONAL PRESCRIPTION TAKE BACK DAY” where people can bring in their leftover drugs for disposal…which led CHARLIE SHEEN to ask, “WHAT ARE LEFTOVER DRUGS?”

9.  a 21 year old man accidentally drove his car over a cliff and plunged 200 feet into the GRAND CANYON…wow…and we gripe about our potholes…

10.  counting monday’s attempt, NATO has tried to kill LIBYA’S leader GADDAFI three times now…the guy disappears faster than a PAUL REISER sitcom….

11.  the car from the 1968 classic movie ‘CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG’ will be auctioned off next month….the opening bid starts at ONE MILLION DOLLARS, or 1.2 million if you want the gas tank filled…

12.  TMZ reported that LINDSAY LOHAN might be teaching acting classes at a homeless shelter….LINDSAY said she was disappointed in the other place she worked at….she said that there was absolute nobody interested in her at the morgue….

13.  a man from INDIANA was arrested for the 48th time for huffing toxic odors such as paint fumes…and then right after the arrest, CBS signed him to a multi million dollar sitcom deal…


Two doctors and an HMO manager died and lined up at the pearly gates for admission to heaven. St. Peter asked them to identify themselves.
    One doctor stepped forward and said, “I was a pediatric spine surgeon and helped kids overcome their deformities.”
    St. Peter said, “You can enter.”
    The second doctor said, “I was a psychiatrist. I helped people rehabilitate themselves.”
    St. Peter also invited him in.
    The third applicant stepped forward and said, “I was an HMO manager. I helped people get cost-effective health care.”
    St. Peter said, “You can come in, too.”
    But as the HMO manager walked by, St. Peter added, “You can stay three days. After that, you can go to Hell.”





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