businessweek.com and BLOOMBERG have come up with the top ten most affordable and best places to live in the UNITED STATES and guess what? BROWN COUNTY SOUTH DAKOTA CAME IN SECOND!!!!!YEPPER... BROWN COUNTY was chosen second from over 3,000 counties around the country.... NORTH DAKOTA'S CASS COUNTY featuring FARGO and WEST FARGO was voted number [...]


random thoughts for friday may 27th, 2011

happy birthday wishes are going out this sunday to "BLAIR" from "THE FACTS OF LIFE."  actress LISA WELCHEL turns 48 on sunday...she is the one in yellow in the following picture... LISA has always been very beautiful, and still is days coming up to her 48th birthday... 2.  actress LEE MERIWEATHER turns 76 today...she, of [...]

random thoughts for thursday may 26th, 2011

I'M DEFINETLY NOT FISHING IN THIS AREA!!! 1.  happy birthday wishes are going out to the young man who played BRIAN TANNER on "ALF."  his name is BENJI GREGORY, and he played the youngest son on the hit tv show... here's a cast photo of this great show... my how time flies....BENJI GREGORY turns 33 [...]

random thoughts for wednesday may 25th, 2011

HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYBODY...   1.  the GREENBUSH twins are having a birthday today...LINDSAY AND SIDNEY GREENBUSH played the role of CARRIE on "LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE." CARRIE was the youngest INGALLS child.... this will make you feel old...the GREENBUSH twins are 41 today...FOURTY ONE....wow...here they are today...   2.  today in our "whatever happened [...]

random thoughts for tuesday may 24th, 2011

IT'S THE REVENGE OF THE DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!   1.  MITCHELL AND I were watching "THE SIMPSON'S" last night, and i got to wondering whatever happened to MARCIA WALLACE...MARCIA is the voice of the teacher, EDNA KRABAPPEL on the show... MARCIA WALLACE is mostly known as the secretary on the "BOB NEWHART SHOW."  she also was one [...]

random thoughts for monday may 23rd, 2011

YEP, IT'S TRUE...MONDAY SUCK FOR EVERYONE!!!   1.  today we're going to salute comedian DAVID BRENNER...i completely forgot about him!!!!  DAVID BRENNER used to be on "THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JOHNNY CARSON" all the time..in fact, if my memory serves me correctly, he hosted the show while JOHNNY was gone once in awhile, too....and JOHNNY [...]