random thoughts for monday may 2nd, 2011


the “face of evil”, lowlife scum was killed yesterday in PAKISTAN….hopefully this gives some peace to those who lost family and friends back on 2001 during those horrible days for AMERICA…..


1.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to ENGLEBERT HUMPERDINCK…..are you ready for this?  the legendary singer turns 75 TODAY!!!!!!  here is an  early pictures of him…

and here is the birthday boy today at 75!!!!!!!!!!!

here’s an extra suprise for you…it’s ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK live in concert in LAS VEGAS back in 1982 performing his huge hit “AFTER THE LOVIN.”  GREAT STUFF…



2.  remember actor DENNIS WEAVER?  well, we are going to feature him today in our “whatever happened to” segment….DENNIS WEAVER wanted to be an actor since childhood, and he had a great career…here is an early picture of DENNIS WEAVER….

one of DENNIS WEAVER’S early roles was on “GUNSMOKE”…here he is with a very young AMANDA BLAKE, who played “MISS KITTY.”

and of course, one of the most popular roles that DENNIS WEAVER had was “MCCLOUD.”  this show started in 1970 and won him two EMMY AWARDS…

one of DENNIS WEAVER’S forgotten roles is one of my favorites…he played to dad to RON HOWARD’S brother CLINT HOWARD on “GENTLE BEN.”  the show was about a family who had a bear who was “gentle”…and the bear’s name was BEN…thus, the title of “GENTLE BEN.”  gee am i smart, huh?

DENNIS WEAVER contined to act until he died of lung cancer on february 24th, 2006 at the age of 81…by the way, did you know that DENNIS WEAVER died the same day as DON KNOTTS?  yep…a little trivia for you…..

here’s DENNIS WEAVER in his later years….


3.  i heard an interesting tidbit over the weekend….for the first time in over 100 years, or since records have been kept, ABERDEEN, BISMARCK, AND FARGO did not reach 70 degrees in the month of april……not suprising, huh?

4.  i was watching tv yesterday and noticed that the EDDIE MURPHY AND ROBERT DENIRO comedy ‘SHOWTIME’ was on…the wierd thing was, it was on HBO…that’s right “SHOWTIME” on “HBO”…now that’s funny…

5.  our MINNESOTA TWINS are playing HORRIBLE ball right now…did you know that our beloved TWINS now have the worst record in baseball?  that’s right, and our arch rival CHICAGO WHITE SOX are only one game away from us….nobody would have predicted this when the season started…..

6.  yesterday in church in HECLA, i had the children’s sermon and talked about the end of sunday school, and the end of the school year…..it brought back many memories watching the kids face light up talking about school being over…..i used to LOVE those days when school was winding down…

7.  CHILDHOOD MEMORY…remember having the role of caps that you used in a toy gun, but you didn’t use them there?  yep…we used to take rocks and smash the caps, or rub the rock against them to make them pop and send up a little puff of smoke…sometimes we’d get brave and smack a whole role of them at once, and then we would have to go thru the entire role to see if we missed any…

8.  isn’t it ironic that PRESIDENT OBAMA’S speech last night was set to interrupt “CELEBRITY APPRENTICE” with DONALD TRUMP….that’s ironic…of course, the news halted the show, but OBAMA’S speech didn’t happen until much later……

9.  i waited so long to hear OBAMA’S speech that the MINNESOTA VIKINGS won their first super bowl…..i waited so long to hear OBAMA’S speech, that CHLOE KARDASHIAN won an OSCAR for best actress……

10.  a new academic journal for animal rights proponents is demanding that people stop using the word “pets” because it’s insulting to animals….c’mon, that can’t be true…if it was true, wouldn’t parrots have said something by now?

11.  WILLIAM AND KATE have delayed their honeymoon plans…ummm…i’m pretty sure it’s not because they can’t get off at work….

12.  last week LINDSAY LOHAN promised JAY LENO that she would be back on his show with an OSCAR statue…that is, unless security cameras catch her again…

13.  someone threw a half dozen eggs at JUSTIN BIEBER during a concert in AUSTRALIA last week….none of them hit him….or came close to him…..here’s a tip for you would be throwers…..your throwing would be a lot more accurate if you used hard boiled eggs…just saying….


Two blondes had driven across the country to see Disney World in Florida.

As they approached it and got onto the final stretch of highway, they saw a sign saying “Disney World Left!”

After thinking for a minute, the driver blonde said “Oh well!” and started driving back home.




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