random thoughts for wednesday may 4th, 2011



1.  i don’t know why, but early this morning i was thinking about LUCY and DESI ARNAZ, the kids of LUCILLE BALL and DESI ARNAZ, SR…..

so, let’s find out what they look like today…..of course, being the children of big time celebrities put them in the spotlight early in thier lives…..

LUCY and DESI, JR. appeared on many shows with their parents, including “HERE’S LUCY”, with their mom LUCILLE BALL after her split from her husband, DESI….

today, LUCY ARNAZ is 59 years old, and her brother DESI is 58…here they are recently….

2.  speaking of “HERE’S LUCY”, i was wondering what ever happened to her co-star GALE GORDON?  we’re about to find out….GALE GORDON played LUCY’S boss, MR. MOONEY…LUCY’S name on the show was LUCILLE CARMICHAEL…GALE GORDON was actually on three different LUCILLE BALL sitcoms…obviously a favorite of LUCY…here are a couple of pictures of GALE GORDON back on the show….

GALE GORDON was very respected by his peers and by HOLLYWOOD in general….he continued to act until his death in CALIFORNIA on june 30th, 1995 at the age of 89….here’s a later picture of GALE GORDON….


3.  speaking of “HERE’S LUCY”, do you remember the opening credits of the show?  you will…here they are…


and here’s the opening credits of “THE LUCY SHOW.”  man does this bring back memories…


here’s a couple of snipits of the show….this should bring back a flood of memories, too…


4.  i have never seen anything like this in my life….one man’s death is bringing out so much comedy on tv…..i’m of course, talking about OSAMA BIN LADEN….as one comedian put it, “he had absolutely zero respect for human life, so why should we have respect for his?”  WELL PUT….hopefully satan is poking holes in him right now with a pitchfork….

5.  how about our MINNESOTA TWINS last night?  MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL’S worst team right now, put together a gem last night to beat the dreaded CHICAGO WHITE SOX…what happened?  FRANCISCO LIRIANO of the TWINS, threw a NO HITTER LAST NIGHT…..that’s right  A NO HITTER….his e.r.a. was over nine before the game, which is horrible….but, with some pretty good defensive help, he got his no-no last night…the first of his career….here he is celebrating with teammates and coach RON GARDENHIRE…

6.  i’m really getting into the NHL playoffs….thanks to our beloved ABERDEEN WINGS, i am hockey crazy….i went to one MINNESOTA NORTH STARS game back in the 70’s, and thought it was awesome, but this year i’ve gone overboard…ha ha….we even went to a MINNESOTA WILD game this year…that was INCREDIBLE….

7.  sources say that OSAMA BIN LADEN had become such a no name washed up wannabee, that he could have starred in the next “DANCING WITH THE STARS.”

8.  yesterday, the WHITE HOUSE was busy trying to decide which death photo of OSAMA to release…i don’t care what they do…i’m waiting for the 2012 BIN LADEN DEATH PHOTO CALENDAR….

9.  PRESIDENT OBAMA’S approval rating jumped NINE PERCENT since the death of BIN LADEN…which prompted OBAMA’S cabinet to ask, “WHO CAN WE SHOOT NEXT?”

10.  over $70,000 dollars worth of human hair was stolen from a CHICAGO beauty supply store…the suspect either expects to sell it, or make an 80’s music video….

11.  a new survey by DUKE UNIVERSITY found that sex is less satisfying for obese people….and it double stinks for the one pinned underneath…

12.  it was reported that MARIAH CAREY wants SIMON COWELL to be an uncle and role model to her newborn twins….SIMON has already told them that their cries for feeding are off-key and dreadful….


A Floridian, A New Yorker, and a Canadian are sitting in a bar one night having a beer.
     The New Yorker drinks his beer and quickly throws his glass in the air, pulls out a gun and shoots the glass to pieces.
     He says, “In New York our glasses are so cheap we don’t need to drink from the same one twice.”
     The Canadian, obviously impressed by this, drinks his beer, throws his glass in the air, pulls out his gun and shoots the glass to pieces.
     He says, “In Canada we have so much sand to make the glasses that we don’t need to drink out of the same glasses either.”
     The Floridian, cool as a cucumber, picks up his beer and drinks it, throws his glass into the air, pulls out his gun and shoots the New Yorker and the Canadian.
     He says, “In Florida we have so many New Yorkers and Canadians that we we don’t need to drink with the same ones twice.”





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