random thoughts for thursday may 5th, 2011



but then i had to turn into THIS….


1.  in addition to my birthday today, i’m going to feature a couple of other birthday kids today…..first of all, “FAMILY TIES” star TINA YOTHERS turns 38 today….she played the younger daughter JENNIFER KEATON on the show…here she is back on the show….

TINA YOTHERS still acts, and is the mother of two children, and two step children……here is TINA YOTHERS today on her 38th birthday….


2.  i get a bit sad on my birthday for one reason….country legend TAMMY WYNETTE celebrates the same birthday as me, and she’s no longer here to celebrate…..every year while i was on country radio, i would play a birthday song for TAMMY on both of our birthdays…..one year while working in LISBON, N.D., i sent a happy birthday fax to TAMMY’S office in NASHVILLE on may 5th…it wasn’t five minutes, AND TAMMY FAXED BACK wishing me a happy birthday as well…she even talked about other things on the page….i cherish that page…..

then a couple of years later in NASHVILLE, i ran into TAMMY WYNETTE and told her that we celebrate the same birthdays and that i play a song for both of us on that day….she said, “i remember you…you’re up in the dakota’s…you sent me a birthday wish one time.”  that made my day…but i’m not suprised because TAMMY WYNETTE was a classy lady…..here’s the album that made TAMMY WYNETTE a superstar, on her way to being a legend….

TAMMY WYNETTE had a very tough marriage to GEORGE JONES….lots of alcoholism and other problems…didn’t quite work out so well, but they were known as the “king and queen of country music.” well, at least while the marriage lasted…

sadly, TAMMY WYNETTE had a lot of health problems in her later years, and other unfortunate accidents as well…she was apparently beaten and threatened to be kidnapped in a mall parking lot, her house burned, and she developed a problem with taking painkillers….one of my musical heroes, TAMMY WYNETTE, died april 6th, 1998 at the age of 55….she was way too young….here’s TAMMY in her later years…

3.  hey, we can’t salute my NASHVILLE sweetheart without a couple of songs for you….here’s the all time classic for TAMMY WYNETTE, and one of the biggest songs in country music history….”STAND BY YOUR MAN.”


here is my all time favorite TAMMY song…it was written by a guy by the name of DONNIE YOUNG…who later became…JOHNNY PAYCHECK….here’s “APARTMENT #9″…


and here’s another great song, “YOUR GOOD GIRLS GONNA GO BAD.”  this was TAMMY WYNETTE’S very first tv appearance..


4.  WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MAY DAY?  remember when we were kids?  we used to make little may day baskets, and bring them to the houses of kids of the opposite sex…you would ring the doorbell or knock on the door and run….if they came to the door, they chased you down and tried to kiss you….DAMN, I MISS THAT GAME…i supposed being most of us are married we probably shouldn’t play that game anymore, huh?  ha ha

5.  i used to love my birthdays when i was in grade school…MOM always threw a party complete with all of my friends, tons of gifts, food and games….ahhh, those were the days….

6.  we have a tradition in our household…each time one of the four of us has a birthday, they get to pick where to eat supper, and what to do that night….usually the activities include going to a movie, playing mini golf, or just hanging out…..

7.  patriotism is way up across the UNITED STATES right now…it’s really too bad OSAMA BIN LADEN couldn’t be here to see it….

8.  the WHITE HOUSE reported that BIN LADEN was “unarmed” but made threatening moves toward our soldiers….on a brighter note, he’s probably “unarmed” right now, thanks to a school of hungry sharks….

9.  federal authorities are threatening to prosecute state officials who are put in charge of running medical marijuana operations…when reached for comments, state officials said, “BUMMER DUDE….” they also replied, “THE STATES NOT HERE MAN…”….(CHEECH AND CHONG reference)

10.  in CALIFORNIA, nearly 900 DUI cases are in jeopardy because of faulty breathalyzers….so, they’ve ordered new ones tha fit with today’s times….on the new ones, when someone is smashed it says, “DUH, WINNING!!!”

11.  the superhero movie “THOR” comes out in theaters this weekend….i use that name all the time….after i work out i say “GEEZ, MY MUSCLES ARE THOR.”

12.  the house where BIN LADEN lived has already become a local tourist attraction…i’m going to fly over there and make a million dollars…i’ll sell t-shirts that say, “MY PARENTS WENT TO PAKISTAN, AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT.”

13.  former PLAYBOY model KENDRA WILKINSON has been the latest, so-called “celebrity” to be kicked off DANCING WITH THE STARS….there were mixed emotions….the cast was sad to see her go, but KIRSTIE ALLEY was ecstatic about the buffet at the going away party…

14.  JESSE JAMES is complaining that his “ex” SANDRA BULLOCK has cut off contact with his daughter…he should be thankful…because that’s not all she wanted cut off!!!


A tough old cowboy once counseled his grandson that if he wanted to live a long life, the secret was to sprinkle a little gunpowder on his oatmeal every morning. The grandson did this religiously and he lived to the age of 93.
     When he died, he left 14 children, 28 grandchildren, 35 great grandchildren and a fifteen foot hole in the wall of the crematorium.




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