random thoughts for friday may 6th, 2011

everybody who reads my blog knows that i love my nieces and nephews….well, two of my beautiful nieces are having birthdays today….happy birthday wishes are going out to CANDICE NELSON and MANDY BARTELT, both of the WEBSTER area….MANDY is turning 30 today, and i cannot tell you how old that makes me feel…it seems like yesterday that i was bouncing her on my knee…oh wait…that was yesterday….LOVE YA GIRLS….


how about a funny cartoon to get you going?  i laughed my butt off when i saw this…

1.  also celebrating a birthday today is the very beautiful MELISSA GILBERT, who played “HALF PINT” LAURA INGALLS  on “LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.”  i know it’s her birthday, because we’re one day apart, and are the exact same age…she turns 47 today….she was such a darling when she was little…

MELISSA GILBERT is still a knockout at 47…..


2.  legendary funnyman DON RICKLES turns 85 years old this weekend…and still out there acting and performing comedy…DON RICKLES is kind of an aquired taste…you either love him, or hate him…he has a style of “insulting comedy.”  i happen to love him…i know it’s just an act…he’s a super nice person in real life…here’s DON RICKLES in his early years…

DON RICKLES is known mostly today, for his role as MR. POTATO HEAD in the “TOY STORY” movies…

here’s DON RICKLES today at 85………………..


3.  i was thinking about “WELCOME BACK KOTTER” the other day, and was wondering whatever happened to ROBERT HEGYES who played “EPSTEIN” on the show…..remember him?

ROBERT HEGYES turns 59 tomorrow….he has acted in over 40 tv shows since the hit show…he even appeared as CHICO MARX  in a traveling show called “AN EVENING WITH GROUCHO”….here’s ROBERT HEGYES today on the eve of his 59th birthday…the first picture is with “WELCOME BACK KOTTER” co-star JOHN TRAVOLTA…


4.  as part of our family’s birthday traditions, the birthday person gets to choose where to eat supper, and what you want to do the night of your birthday…last night i chose MAVERICKS to eat at…and after that we were going to go mini golfing, but we thought it might be a bit cool after supper…so, against their will, i took MITCHELL AND JEANNIE to the movies to see “HOODWINKED 2”, the sequel to “HOODWINKED.”  obviously….anyway, i absolutely loved the movie…we were the only three in the theater, but i was rolling with laughter…JEANNIE AND MITCHELL were even caught sleeping…ha ha….the parts they did see they laughed at….the story is about LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, GRANNY, AND THE WOLF… THE WOLF is played by PATRICK WARBURTON, who totally makes the wolf insanely funny…here’s the movie poster of this movie, and a picture of some of the cast of both movies…

5.  just how lazy do you have to be to buy peanut butter and jelly in the same jar?  i tried this once years ago, and will never try it again…


50 percent of all marriages end in divorce…the other 50 percent end in death…..hmm…

7.  one U.S. official says that OSAMA BIN LADEN was locked inside of his house with NINE WOMEN AND TWENTY THREE KIDS…are we sure that this guy didn’t shoot himself?

8.  the internet is filled with fake BIN LADEN death photos…apparently there’s a morbid curiosity to see somebody with half a head and most of their brains gone….oh wait, that’s SNOOKY from “JERSEY SHORE.”

9.  this summer, NATHAN’S will have a separate fourth of july hot dog eating contest for women…PRESIDENT OBAMA already said that no photos will be made public…..

10.  ALASKA continues to have a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases….DAMN THOSE HOT MOOSE WITH SEXY LINGERIE!!

11.  celebrity cruise lines said that a passenger was seen jumping overboard this week as the ship headed toward SAN DIEGO…what the hell did they expect to happen when you have ROSIE O’DONNELL as the entertainment?


A man went to the Police Station wishing to speak with the burglar who had broken into his house the night before. “You’ll get your chance in court.” said the Desk Sergeant. “No, no no!” said the man. “I want to know how he got into the house without waking my wife. I’ve been trying to do that for years!”




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