random thoughts for monday may 16th, 2011

this is pretty weak, but it’s all i can conjure up for a monday..ha ha


1.  in our celebrity news from late last week, sitcom queen, MARY TYLER MOORE had successful brain surgery to remove a benign tumor….the 74 year old actress is recuperating on track, doctors expect a full recovery, and they expect her to have no more surgeries for this situation…….

MARY TYLER MOORE had her showbiz career start along with DICK VAN DYKE on “THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW.”

but, she’s probably best known for the “MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW.”

“THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW”, was a jumpstart for two other sitcomes…first of all, VALERIE HARPER got her show “RHODA”, and CLORIS LEACHMAN started her new show “PHYLLIS”…..

here’s MARY TYLER MOORE today at 74…………..


2.  i am enjoying the heck out of watching my “FAMILY AFFAIR” dvd box set….everytime i watch and hear the opening credits, it takes me back instantly to my childhood….


the show is about BILL DAVIS, (played by BRIAN KEITH), who takes in his brother’s children after his brother dies….the children consist of BUFFY (actress ANISSA JONES), JODY, (actor JOHNNY WHITAKER”, and CISSY (actress KATHY GARVER.)…today we’re going to find out whatever happened to KATHY GARVER….

KATHY played the older sister of the kids….

KATHY GARVER write a book called “FAMILY AFFAIR COOKBOOK”, and hosted an interview show called “BACKSTAGE WITH BARRY AND KATHY.”  she was also the voice of “ALICE MITCHELL” on a few “DENNIS THE MENACE” cartoons…KATHY GARVER is now 65 years old…..incredible….here she is today…


3.  JANET JACKSON turns 45 years old today….she got her start in the tv world by playing “PENNY” on the hit tv show “GOOD TIMES.”  she’s the little girl on this photo…


JANET JACKSON, today, is known for incredible singing voice, her sexy photo shoots, and of course the “wardrobe malfunction” at the SUPER BOWL with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE….here’s JANET JACKSON today on her 45th birthday…still beautiful…


4.  well, round one of the tears falling happened yesterday at church for MITCHELL’S baccalaureate services…..our PASTOR talked about the parents “wrapping thier babies in blankets, holding them and rocking them to sleep.”  that was all it took..then we had to go up and wrap the kid’s quilts around them and say some prayers with them….i tried to hold back, but to no avail….this saturday during the actual graduation is going to be very very hard…..

5.  saturday night, JEANNIE AND I hunkered down after a long day to watch a movie…i have to admit, i never ever wanted to watch the BRUCE WILLIS movie called “RED”, but that’s the one we chose….

the movie was INCREDIBLE….great actors like MARY LOUISE PARKER, JOHN MALKOVICH, HELEN MIRREN, MORGAN FREEMAN, and RICHARD DREYFUSS…..this movie was so so so so so good…i never dreamed it would be that wonderful….great story about the C.I.A……

one of the best parts of the movies was MARY LOUISE PARKER looking so so sexy and beautiful in the movie…

6.  we were in MILLER yesterday for my nephew JOSH’S graduation…what a beautiful beautiful day…the weather was perfect, the food was great, and the family and friends who showed up had a great time…..hats off to my brother TREVOR and his wife KELLEY for a great time…..

7.  more details from the raid of OSAMA BIN LADEN’S house….

***he had marijuana growing in his garden out back…geez, no wonder he didn’t leave the house for six years…

***he had several wives, took VIAGRA, and watched porn….this guy should’ve been dead YEARS ago…

***porn, marijuana, and women?  was he hiding out or going to college?

8.  an angry MUAMMAR GADDAFI released a statement telling NATO that they’ll never find him where he is hiding…he’s probably at a MINNESOTA TWIN’S game….could even be playing right now…UGH….

9.  someone in GERMANY is sending out fake census forms that ask people what drugs they are taking, and if they’ve ever had breast enlargements…those aren’t census forms, their the applications to be CHARLIE SHEEN’S goddesses….

10.  in AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, a man was found living on the roof of a WAFFLE HOUSE….he said he was recently separated from his family living atop DENNY’S…

11.  reports say that OSAMA BIN LADEN was shot in his underwear and socks…please don’t tell me he was doing the dance “OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL” from the movie “RISKY BUSINESS.”


“How was your blind date?” a college student asked her 21 year old roommate.

“Terrible!” the roommate answered. “He showed up in his 1932 Rolls Royce.”

“Wow! That’s a very expensive classic car. What’s so bad about that?”

“He was the original owner.”





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