random thoughts for wednesday may 18th, 2011



1.  happy birthday wishes are going out to tv veteran DWAYNE HICKMAN who played “DOBIE GILLIS.”  he turns 77 today….you probably remember the show…here is DOBIE with co-star BOB DENVER, of “GILLIGAN’S ISLAND” fame…

and here’s  DWAYNE HICKMAN in recent years…

2.  we have another birthday today as well…actor BILL MACY turns 89 today..that’s right, BILL MACY is knockin’ on the door to 90….he played MAUDE’S husband on the tv show…here he is with the cast of the show…

and here’s BILL MACY today at 89…

4.  here’s something hard to beleive…this year is the 40th anniversary of the classic movie “WILLIE WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY.”  so, let’s salute them today..first of all, WILLY WONKA himself…actor GENE WILDER…

GENE WILDER is now 77 years old…here’s a recent picture of him…

the kids from “WILLY WONKA” got together recently on tv…and of course, they’re all grown up…check it out…

5.  one of the features on FACEBOOK is an app where people can answer questions about their friends on FACEBOOK…here are some funny questions that people answered about me….by the way, i don’t know who answered these, because you have to win “coins” to find out, and i’m not that curious..ha ha

**do you think jay dean has ever prank phone called someone? they answered “NO.”  (wrong…i’ve done it many many MANY times….ha ha)

**do you think jay dean likes “chick flicks”?  they answered NO….(wrong again…i do like them…depending on how stupid they are.)

**do you think jay dean is smarter than you?  they answered “NO.”  (finally got one right…)

**do you think jay dean would look good in a bikini?  they answered “NO.”  (don’t knock it till you see it, baby…i look damn sexy….NOT)

**do you think jay dean was a dork in high school?  they answered “YES.”  (bingo…i was KING OF THE DORKS.)

**do you think jay dean is cute?  they answered “NO.”  (another one right)

and finally…

**do you think jay dean ever messed around at work?  they answered “NO.”  (wrong…actually the question would have been easier if you would have asked “does jay dean actually do any work while at work?”  the answer is a resounding NO….)

6.  every time i have bible study with my HECLA and HOUGHTON ladies who are in retirement homes in ABERDEEN, i learn something…last night we talked about NOAH and the floods…because of what’s going on here today….i didn’t know that NOAH was also a girl’s name in the bible….there was a guy that had no sons, and five daughters, and one of them was named NOAH…i didn’t feel so stupid, because not one woman there knew it…..and trust me, these ladies know A TON about the bible…

7.  the UNITED STATES hit the debt ceiling on monday…TREASURY SECRETARY TIM GEITNER urged CONGRESS to act…….like they know what the hell they are doing….

8.  on monday MITT ROMNEY had a fundraising call-a-thon for his presidential bid and raised over 10 million dollars..or as he calls it, “hair gel money.”

9.  BREE OLSEN, one of CHARLIE SHEEN’S ‘goddesses’, says she can’t wait to see ASHTON KUTCHER on “TWO AND A HALF MEN.”  she said she also can’t wait to meet ASHTON’S mom…DEMI MOORE….

10.  KERRY CAMPBELL, the woman who injects her 8 year old daughter with BOTOX so she can win beauty pageants, is under investigation by police….i hate it when moms push their kids into performing…and yet DEMI MOORE wants ASHTON KUTCHER to be on ‘TWO AND A HALF MEN.”

11.  the wife of the PRESIDENT OF FRANCE is pregnant…and somewhere MARIA SHRIVER wonders….

12.  singer REBECCA BLACK and actress JENNA FISCHER are both pregnant…and somewhere MARIA SHRIVER wonders…

13.  doughnuts by ENTENMANN have been recalled due to mold and an odd smell….it was described as a cross between SNOOKI and the inside of WILLIE NELSON’S bus…


A Canadian bloke is walking down the street with a case of beer under his arm.

His friend Randy stops him and asks, “Hey Dave! Whatcha got that case of beer for?”

“Well, I got it for my wife, you see?” answers Dave.

“Wow,” exclaims Randy, “Great trade.




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