random thoughts for wednesday may 25th, 2011



1.  the GREENBUSH twins are having a birthday today…LINDSAY AND SIDNEY GREENBUSH played the role of CARRIE on “LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.”

CARRIE was the youngest INGALLS child….

this will make you feel old…the GREENBUSH twins are 41 today…FOURTY ONE….wow…here they are today…


2.  today in our “whatever happened to” file, we see where RAYMOND BURR is today…remember him? RAYMOND BURR is mostly known for starring in “PERRY MASON.”

but my FAVORITE role that RAYMOND BURR starred in was in the show ‘IRONSIDE’.  he played detective MICHAEL IRONSIDE for eight seasons on tv….hmm..i always thought that “IRONSIDE” was the fact that he was in a metal wheelchair…here the “IRONSIDE” cast…

RAYMOND BURR continued to act, and even appeared in many of the “DEAN MARTIN CELEBRITY ROASTS.”  he was  a very funny man, although you probably wouldn’t know it.  RAYMOND BURR died back in 1993 at the age of 76.  he had cancer. he actually fell ill while filming a “PERRY MASON” film.    he is buried in BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, in a grave with his parents…a pretty modest gravesite for a big tv star…

here’s RAYMOND BURR in his later years…


3.  hey, i found the opening credits for “IRONSIDE.”  remember this?  i used to LOVE this show…


4.  WELL, THERE’S TWO HOURS OF MY LIFE I’LL NEVER GET BACK…last night JEANNIE AND I went to see the new movie “BRIDESMAIDS.”  everyone has been talking about how it’s a female “HANGOVER” movie…maybe so, but the big difference is…THIS MOVIE SUCKED….neither one of us cared for it..

..i don’t think i even laughed until 30 minutes into the show….pretty disappointing considering we have been waiting to see it…the only bright spot was that KRISTIN WIIG of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE fame, was incredible…and SUPER HOT….

5.  even thought i LOVED KRISTIN WIIG in the movie, there’s a few characters that i just cringe when i watch her do on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE…she’s a very talented actress and comedian, but some of her characters just make me leave the room..here are a couple of them…


6.  i cannot beleive the people that talk OUT LOUD in theaters during the previews and movies……i know that some people think that the previews aren’t much and they can talk up until movie time, but you’re wrong….and what’s wrong with talking QUIETLY?  unbelievable….

7.  HAROLD CAMPING who predicted the world would end last weekend, when it didn’t, now says that the apocalypse will be october 31st….who cares?  if there’s no NFL my world is over anyway….

8.  TOYOTA is getting ready to market cars that will TWEET their owners…some of the tweets will be…

“stop passing gas into my seat you moron..”

“hey, that woman’s not your wife!!”


“if you dig any deeper in your nose, you’re going to hit brain.”

9.  an animal welfare group is investigating a dog that’s been seen outside NEW YORK baseball stadiums with a money cup and a panhandling sign…that’s true….PEOPLE…STOP TEACHING YOUR DOGS TO BEG….

10.  SNOOP DOGG wants to produce a talent competition show to find new rappers….wow…if rappers get their own reality show, they’ll have more BEEPS than ROADRUNNER cartoons…

11.  a state legislator in MAINE began babbling nonsense and then pulled out a gun outside of a DUNKIN’ DONUTS….ah yes…another member of congress putting the “NUT” in DONUT….

12.  JOKE OF THE DAY: (a classic)

A little girl asked her mother, “mom, how old are you?”
     Her mother snapped back at her, “Haven’t I told you it’s not polite to ask a woman her age?”
     The little girl was telling her friend the story and her friend told her, “You can find out anything you want about your mother from her driver’s license.”
     The next day, the daughter approached her mother, “Mom, I know EVERYTHING about you.”
     Her mother said, “Like what?”
     “I know how old you are, you’re 38. I know you weigh 137 pounds, and I know why dad divorced you.”
     “You do, do you? Well tell me.”
     The daughter looked at her mother with a sad face and said, “Because you got an F in sex!”




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