random thoughts for thursday may 26th, 2011


1.  happy birthday wishes are going out to the young man who played BRIAN TANNER on “ALF.”  his name is BENJI GREGORY, and he played the youngest son on the hit tv show…

here’s a cast photo of this great show…

my how time flies….BENJI GREGORY turns 33 today…and here’s a recent picture….

2.  “OH…WISEGUY!!”  today we are going to salute the head stooge of “THE THREE STOOGES.”  of course, we’re talking about MOE HOWARD….MOE was the leader of LARRY AND CURLY…here’s MOE back in the days of this glorious, super funny trio…

MOE HOWARD sold real estate in his years after THE THREE STOOGES….later in life, he appeared on the MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW…here are a couple of pictures…

MOE HOWARD died on may 4th, 1975 at the age of 77…he died a day before my birthday…he was entombed in CULVER CITY’S HILLSIDE MEMORIAL PARK CEMETARY….

by the way, his wife died of a heart attack just a few months after her husband….

3.  I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS….there is a THREE STOOGES movie being filmed right now…..it stars CHRIS DIAMANTOPOULOS as MOE, MAD TV’S  WILL SASSO as CURLY, and WILL AND GRACE’S SEAN HAYES as LARRY…a picture leaked out yesterday of the filming, and it looks wonderful…check it out….that’s SEAN HAYES, by the way…

4.  there’s a nice article in the sports section today on TERRY ULMER, longtime educator in HECLA…TERRY is a wonderful man, and is a member of my church, ST. JOHN’S in HECLA, and is a friend of mine….he’s retiring as a “starter” for area track meets…he has been doing track and field  for over 44 years…FOURTY FOUR YEARS…  congrats TERRY, and have fun at the cabin….ha ha

5.  speaking of TERRY ULMER, i have a funny story for you….back in 1980, i went to the HECLA prom with a good friend, LYNN DINGER…now BUTLER….anyway, while sitting at our table, i was talking and dipping cheetos into the candle, when all of a sudden one caught on fire.  i dropped it on the tablecloth, and that cheap paper tablecloth caught fire, and went up in smoke in like 2.3 seconds…we all moved ot a different table…i found out that TERRY was there that night, and he told me in church one day that if he had seen that he would have “grabbed me by the hair and threw you out of there.”  i have no doubt that he would have…thank goodness he didn’t see it…

6.  i’m a big fan of “underdogs”….last night the DALLAS MAVERICKS eliminated the OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER from the NBA  playoffs….so now, i OFFICIALLY am done watching them, and don’t care who wins….i don’t like DALLAS, i’m sick of the CHICAGO BULLS, and i really don’t like the LEBRON JAMES led MIAMI HEAT…i’ll just concentrate on the STANLEY CUP FINALS….

7.  a poll by REASON MAGAZINE found that 58 percent of AMERICANS think that AMERICA would be the same or better off if CONGRESS met only once every two years….but people forget, if they’re not in session they will either be CAMPAIGNING or having affairs…KEEP THEM IN WASHINGTON…ha ha

8.  a recent study found that frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers can lead you to test positive for alcohol consumption…it’s true…so, that means that LINDSAY LOHAN, MEL GIBSON, AND NICK NOLTE may not have been drunk..they’re just compulsive germaphobes….

9.  a riot at SAN QUENTIN prison left four inmates hospitalized…that’s a heck of a way to mourn OPRAH’S last show…

10.  MARYLAND is going to start using BIRTH CONTROL FOR DEER…wow…what are they going to do?  let teenagers drive two years earlier?

11.  a man was arrested recently for umm…pleasuring himself ona UNITED AIRLINES flight from SPOKANE to DENVER…he was the only guy onboard that the flight attendant didn’t ask to return to his upright position…

12.  a photo of JUSTIN BIEBER shirtless in HAWAII has been circulating online.  BIEBER leaked the photo because it was the only way he could prove to the press that he’s not a little girl….

13.  the city of WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA is considering publishing the names of men who are arrested for solicitation of a prostitute…..they’re also going to list which branch of CONGRESS they belong to…..


A man walks into a bar, after buying a beer he looks around the bar and sees three men and a dog playing cards. Amazed, the man wanders over and starts watching the game.
    After watching the game for ten minutes, the man leans over to one of the other player’s and whispers ” Wow, that’s a really smart dog!”
    The man whispers backs “He isn’t that smart, every time he gets a good hand, he wags his tail.”




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