UPDATE…I’M ALIVE!!!! ha ha

for those of you that don’t know, i am on a church sabbatical for two weeks up in the rocky mountains of colorado….this is a retreat to relax, become closer to GOD, and learn more about life and religion..i doubt there’s a more beautiful place in the world than where i’m at to feel closer to GOD….here are some tidbits from my trip so far:

1.  on the way out, my family went to RIBFEST in SIOUX FALLS and saw  THE GIN BLOSSOMS in concert…i really enjoyed the show…my wife and kids were kind of bored thru the first half of the show, because they saved all of their big hits until the last part of the show…but, i love thier style of music, so i enjoyed the whole show.

2.  i took the “two day route” out to COLORADO…i didn’t know if i could drive 11-13 hours all at once, and i didn’t want to get tired out in the middle of nowhere.

3.  there are two things in our country that have taken my breath away….

a:  MOUNT RUSHMORE….every time i see this site, i get teary eyed, and my  breath gets taken away by it’s beauty…

b:  THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS…as i approached DENVER, and saw the ROCKIES, it literally made me gasp….and i am actually staying up in the ROCKIES….there are mountains surrounding the entire area that i’m in…..beautiful….breathtaking…..inspiring..

4.  we have some haze in the air here from the ARIZONA wildfires….you can smell the smoke in the air……it’s not horrible, but certainly you can notice it.

5.  i did some reading of the BIBLE next to a rushing creek the other day….what a beautiful way to learn…..the snow is melting rapidly up in the mountains, and is causing severe runoff down below…we don’t have any flooding, but the water is ROARING thru…

6.  a pastor friend of mine that i met out here said this…”GOD ONLY VISITS SOUTH DAKOTA…..HE LIVES IN COLORADO”  ha ha

7.  i have my weekend off before we kick off the retreat again monday morning…i’m planning on going to DENVER for a night and seeing MARK CHESNUTT in concert…..and then saturday, i’m going to an all day music festival, which ends with FIREFALL performing…should be a blast…

will have more in the future…..talk to ya  soon…

jay dean


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