here’s more fun stuff  from colorado…

1.  FIREFALL WAS AWESOME….saw them saturday night way way way way way way way way way up in the mountains…..they did a great show, then i got to meet the guys and hang out a bit afterwards..when i get home, i will start an immediate plan to try and get FIREFALL to ABERDEEN…

2.  i got a sunburn at the concert on saturday…..shouldn’t suprise me, though…we were so darn high up that we were only a mile and a half from the sun!!!

3.  didn’t know this…my sleep number is 25….hhmmm….

4.  okay, i’ve come close to hitting lots of different animals on the highways…but here’s a new one…DONKEYS….that’s right, coming home saturday night there were two donkeys standing on the road doing their business…..i can think of about 20 funny things to say about the AS@&* on the road, but i won’t…hee hee

5.  COLORADO SPRINGS is by far the hardest city i’ve ever driven in…what a nightmare…after being there for four hours, i’m still not sure i was actually IN the city…

6.  if you ever get to COLORADO SPRINGS, you must go see the GARDEN OF THE GODS….it’s incredible….one heck of a drive thru and great pictures, too…

7.  oh, and if you’re wondering how the MARK CHESNUTT show was friday night…I DON’T KNOW…guess what?  i spent almost all of friday and a few hours on saturday COMPLETELY KNOCKED OUT BY THE FLU….isn’t that wonderful?  13 hours away from home and sicker than i’ve been in A LONG LONG TIME…

8.  i’m staying at a pastor’s retreat that will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF…i’m going to put some pictures of it on the blog when i get back…i’ve never been to heaven folks, but i think i’m pretty close…and the people that own this place are GOD’S angels, that’s for sure…amazing, loving people…





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