random thoughts for monday june 20th, 2011


first of all, here’s my view every time i walked outside at my retreat…

here’s the place i stayed called “SANCTUARY.”  it’s only for pastors who are on a retreat and need a place to unwind…and what a fantastic place to unwind…


1.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES are going out to two movie and tv superstars today…and they’re both 80 years old today….

first of all, actress OLYMPIA DUKAKIS turns 80 today…she appeared in such movies as “MOONSTRUCK”,  which she won an ACADEMY AWARD for….she also appeared in this hit movie…

here’s OLYMPIA DUKAKIS in her early days…

and here she is today at 80………..


2.  also, actor MARTIN LANDEAU turns 80 today….you may remember him from tv shows like “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE,”, “SPACE 1999” and more…he also appeared in classic movies like “NORTH BY NORTHWEST, ”  and “THEY CALL ME MR. TIBBS”, among others…here is MARTIN LANDEAU back on the tv show “SPACE 1999.”

and here’s MARTIN LANDEAU today on his 80th birthday…..


3.  while shopping in SALIDA, COLORADO, i came across a dvd that i grabbed immediately…i’m a huge huge huge DEAN MARTIN fan, and i’ve always wanted the dvd series of “THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW.”  but i can’t afford to get one every month in the mail. well, finally, a compilation dvd is out in stores…and i now own it…

i watched about three episodes on saturday night and fell in LOVE again….what a great show and what a natural talent…..you don’t see talent like this anymore….one of the features on the dvd is current interviews with celebrities about DEAN MARTIN…one of them was comedian NORM CROSBY…and i couldn’t believe how old he has gotten….but, he was huge in the 60’s and 70’s, so we would be getting up there…here’s a picture of NORM CROSBY back in his heyday…

NORM CROSBY is now 84 years old…here he is with comedian MEL BROOKS…NORM is on the right…


4. well, all good things must come to an end….my two weeks in COLORADO was absolutely INCREDIBLE…it is so awesome waking up every morning to the glorious ROCKY MOUNTAINS….we even had a volcano near where i was staying…..how cool….the hotels in my area didn’t even have air conditioners in them, because it rarely gets hot…..the average summer highs are 75-79 degrees…overnight lows are generally in the 60’s…and guess what?  NO BUGS….yep…that sold it for me right there……what a gorgeous state….they told me that if they even got 20 inches of snow every season they were lucky…and what snow they recieved didn’t usually last more than two days or so….HOW WOULD YOU GUYS LIKE THAT?  their snow doesn’t last like ours from OCTOBER TO MAY….i would love that…

5.  as i mentioned in a previous post, the band FIREFALL was awesome in concert out in COLORADO….weird setting though….the area was like two tennis courts put together with a fence all around it…small area…they had a stage set up in the front, with two or three vendors inside….and with me were about 175-200 people MAX….very intimate surrounding for a great show…you could walk right up in front of the stage and watch them…and you know me, I DID….here’s a couple of songs they did that night…





and here’s  quite possibly the coolest FIREFALL song ever…here’s “CINDERELLA.”



6.  i had a TREMENDOUS father’s day yesterday with my beautiful boys..i mean, men….wow…funny how fast time goes….all we did was get together and grill burgers and we all went for a walk last night…awesome awesome night….i love when all four of us are together again..doesn’t happen too often anymore…sad…

7.   i actually slimmed down a bit out in COLORADO…drank a ton of water…only one diet pepsi a day….i’m actually trying to wean off that too…it feels good to be a little bit lighter…still have a ways to go, though…

8.  UNITED AIRLINES computers crashed on friday..it was an awful night…flights were delayed…passengers were angry, AND THEN THE COMPUTERS CRASHED…

9.  a homeless man who was living in small cardboard boxes in SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, was tracked down by a detective and told that his now deceased brother left his a small fortune…the mans thrilled, and is now planning on getting a bigger, more luxurious water heater box…

10.  yesterday was father’s day..or “confusion  day” for ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER…..

11.  the JERSEY SHORE cast has demanded new contracts from MTV with raises and other perks before they start thier fifth season…the cast is really putting the screws to MTV…which is why MTV is now taking antibiotics….

12.  a JAPANESE scientist has proven that he can created edible meat for human consumption from human FECES…hmm…sounds like a bunch of crap to me….

13.  the other day AL QAEDA named it’s new top official to replace BIN LADEN…he might now want to waste his money on a life insurance policy…


A man went to see his doctor because he was suffering from a miserable cold. His doctor prescribed some pills, but they didn’t help.
     On his next visit the doctor gave him a shot, but that didn’t do any good.
     On his third visit the doctor told the man to go home and take a hot bath. As soon as he was finished bathing he was to throw open all the windows and stands in the draft.
     “But doc,” protested the patient, “if I do that, I’ll get pneumonia.”
     “I know,” said his physician. “I can cure pneumonia.”




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