random thoughts for thursday june 23rd, 2011



1.  “KNOTS LANDING” star TED SHACKELFORD is having a birthday today…he is 65 years old….wow….it’s kind of crazy watching our favorite celebrities get older while we sit here getting younger, right?  TED played GARY EWING, one of the brothers from the tv show “DALLAS.”  there was actually another actor by the name of DAVID ACKROYD who played GARY on “DALLAS”, but he was unable to finish the role, so SHACKELFORD was hired…here he is with the “KNOTS LANDING” cast…

and here is TED SHACKELFORD on his 65th birthday…..


2.  whatever happened to BATMAN AND ROBIN?  let’s find out…of course, back on tv, ADAM WEST and BURT WARD starred as the caped crusaders…..BANG…BOOM….ZING…remember those words popping up on the screens during the fight scenes?  it was corny, but AWESOME….here they are….

BURT WARD, who played ROBIN, still runs around the autograph show circuit and is now 65 years old….

ADAM WEST has become totally hot with the younger generation, because of his role of playing himself as “MAYOR ADAM WEST” of the city of QUOHOG on the hit tv show “FAMILY GUY.”…

he plays a stumbling, bumbling mayor, but his role is HILARIOUS….ADAM WEST is now 82 years old….


3.  sad sad news….music legend GLEN CAMPBELL has been diagnosed with ALZHEIMERS….his wife said that they decided to come forward with it, because he wanted his fans to know that if they saw him stumbling thru a song in concert they would know what is going on…..

GLEN CAMPBELL will release one final album, and on another sad note, will do one more tour called “THE GLEN CAMPBELL GOODBYE TOUR.”  sad sad sad…..by the way, i met GLEN CAMPBELL one time at the BROWN COUNTY FAIR…he was so genuine….so nice….so pleasant….sometimes you find guys and ladies who have been around for 30-40 years and they are total buttheads, however, GLEN wasn’t that way…..he is truly going to be missed from the music circuit, but we will always have his music to turn to….GOD BLESS YOU GLEN CAMPBELL, AND OUR ABSOLUTE BEST TO YOU….

4.  i could feel the excitement in HECLA last night as they prepare for their 125th this weekend….you can start to see people coming in town with different out of state plates, and things are getting cleaned up all over town…last night while i was there, some wonderful members of our church were getting a float ready for the parade…what an exciting time…

5.  my hometown of LANGFORD is celebrating thier 125th this weekend, too….i will be emceeing the alumni banquet on saturday night, and we will attend some of the festivities as well…..can’t wait to see some old friends that i haven’t seen in years….should be a blast…..

6.  a new study suggests that humans may have a sixth sense….the ability to sense magnetic fields….makes sense to me…that’s why we are all drawn to the refrigerators…..

7.  a popular items at this year’s county fair circuit is deep fried KOOL AID BALLS….YUCK….it’s basically donut holes filled with KOOL-AID MIX….the best part?  when you throw up it’s so colorful!!!

8.  tomorrow is “TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY.”  great….as if your boss doesn’t already have enough noses up his rear end already….(yesterday was ‘hump day.’  tomorrow will be ‘hump your leg day.’)

9.  a man from WASHINGTON state who quit college in 1932, has finally finished his degree at the age of 99…THERE…NOW HOPEFULLY HIS PARENTS WILL FINALLY GET OFF HIS BACK…

10.  a bride in FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA was arrested  just hours after her wedding, after she got drunk, ripped off her new husband’s clothes and then bit him….HE FILED CHARGES?  sounds to me like the start of the best wedding night ever….

11.  reports say that LINDSAY LOHAN is “bored” with the scenery at home and is bummed out at being under house arrest…here’s an idea for you LINDSAY….LET’S CHANGE THE SCENERY AND GET YOU IN A REAL JAIL FOR AWHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Two women were sitting in the doctor’s waiting room comparing notes on their various disorders.
     “I want a baby more than anything in the world,” said the first, “but I guess it’s impossible.”
     “I used to feel just the same way,” said the second. “But then everything changed. That’s why I’m here. I’m going to have a baby in three months.”
     “You must tell me what you did.”
     “I went to a faith healer.”
     “But I’ve tried that. My husband and I went to one for nearly a year and it didn’t help a bit.”
     The other woman smiled and whispered, “Try going alone next time.”




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