random thoughts for monday june 27th, 2011



1.  actress JULIA DUFFY has a birthday today…a milestone in fact…JULIA DUFFY turns 60 today…..you will remember her for playing STEPHANIE on “NEWHART” back in the 80’s…here is a cast photo, and one of JULIA with BOB NEWHART….

JULIA DUFFY is still active in the entertainment field, mostly in theater….here’s JULIA DUFFY today on her 60th birthday…

here’s one with BOB NEWHART, and her tv husband, PETER SCOLARI….


2.  remember LARRY from “LARRY AND MY BROTHER DARYL, AND MY OTHER BROTHER DARYL..”  that was also from the NEWHART show….well, LARRY was played by actor WILLIAM SANDERSON…

i was suprised to see him on tv recently, in fact, i didn’t even recognize him until, i beleive it was my wife, pointed him out…here is WILLIAM SANDERSON today…


3.  in our “whatever happened to” segment today, we salute veteran actor and funnyman SID CAESAR….SID was a staple of early tv, when he appeared with actress IMOGENE COCA….

SID CAESAR remains in the acting field today, and still makes public appearances, even though he is 88 years old…..here he is today…i think he looks just like MITCH MILLER…remember him?

here he is with BOB HOPE’S widow DELORES, who by the way is 102 years old…..i thought i had read recently that she passed away, but i can’t find any news of that…

4.  WHAT A GLORIOUS WEEKEND…JEANNIE and I, were in LANGFORD most of the weekend helping celebrate thier 125th birthday….saturday night was a dream come true for me….when i was in high school, the only thing that mattered to me was playing drums in the LANGFORD HIGH SCHOOL BAND….in fact, i was drummer of the year two years in a row….(my only accomplishment..) well, saturday night, i was asked to play drums in the LHS alumni band, and i did….IT WAS SO COOL….when i was drumming, our legendary band director, MR. TREVOR C. OSBORNE, would tell me to “ad lib” because the parts were so boring…so i did…well, saturday night it all came back to me, even though i hadn’t played drums in 29 years….it was incredible….

5.  i also hosted the alumni banquet saturday night, and i had fun joking about my teachers…at one point i had all of my junior high and high school teachers stand up, and then i said, “oh yeah, that reminds me, i have to do communion at the nursing home this week.”  we had a blast…and my wonderful teachers all took it in stride…

6.  HECLA also celebrated their 125th, and yesterday we had an outdoor church service under the tent…IT WAS SO AWESOME…we even had an ACCORDIAN player helping out…and you know my motto…”you can’t go wrong with an accordian.”  we played church songs to the tune of “THE BEER BARREL POLKA”, “THE HAPPY WANDERER”, “THE PENNSYLVANIA POLKA”, and many more…it was so much fun….

7.  someone slashed the tires on floats at the CHICAGO GAY PRIDE PARADE…officials aren’t sure whether it’s an anti-gay hate crime, or if they were just slashed because they were tires and it was CHICAGO…

8.  BRADY BUNCH mom FLORENCE HENDERSON, says she once got crabs after a one night stand with former NEW YORK mayor JOHN LINDSAY…sing along…”HERE’S A STORY, OF A LOVELY LADY, WHO’S WHO TELLS A STORY WE REALLY DIDN’T NEED TO HEAR.”

9.  after being caught with alcohol, LINDSAY LOHAN can only have one friend at her house at a time…unfortunately for LINDSAY, it’s AMY WINEHOUSE…and then tomorrow she’s invite JIM BEAM, and on wednesday it’s JACK DANIELS…

10.  in DENVER, the FBI entered a BORDER’S bookstore and found two bombs…one of them was written by BRISTOL PALIN…

11.  a man in FREDERICK, MARYLAND, thought he heard someone breaking into his home….in his attempt to get away, he got a fishhook stuck in his buttocks….he then hid himself in a closet and fired several shots from his gun to get the attention of the police…SEE?  THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I QUIT DRINKING….


An irate wife was complaining about her husband spending all his free time in a bar, so one night he took her along with him.
     “What’ll you have?” he asked.
     “Oh, I don’t know. The same as you I suppose,” she replied.
     So, the husband ordered a couple of Jack Daniel’s and threw his down in one shot.
     His wife watched him, then took a sip from her glass and immediately spat it out. “Yuck, that’s TERRIBLE!” she spluttered. “I don’t know how you can drink this stuff!”
     “Well, there you go,” cried the husband. “And you think I’m out enjoying myself every night!”




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