random thoughts for wednesday june 29th, 2011



1.  happy birthday wishes are going out to “GOPHER” from “LOVE BOAT.”  it’s actor FRED GRANDY turning 63 today…remember him?

FRED was on “LOVE BOAT” for nine seasons, and by the way, was born in SIOUX CITY, IOWA…after his tv role, he turned his attention to politics, and became a four termer in the U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES…he’s always love politics, and in college was a roommate of DAVID EISENHOWER, the grandson of PRESIDENT DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER…in fact, FRED GRANDY was the best man at DAVID’S wedding to JULIE NIXON, daughter of PRESIDENT RICHARD NIXON….

here’s FRED GRANDY today on his 63rd birthday….


2.  as long as we’re doing a “LOVE BOAT” feast, why not see what happened to actor TED LANGE…TED played the bartender ISAAC WASHINGTON on the show…

after the show, among other things, TED LANGE hosted an advice column for the magazine FHM….it was a sex advice column that he wrote with porn star JENNA JAMISON….TED LANGE is now 63…the same age as FRED GRANDY…here’s TED LANGE today…

here’s kind of a cool picture…from left to right, BERNIE KOPELL, FRED WILLARD, FRED GRANDY, AND TED LANGE…

3.  today we’re going to find out whatever happened to legendary actor CLARK GABLE….of course, he’s known for uttering the line, “FRANKLY SCARLETT, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN’, in the all time classic movie ‘GONE WITH THE WIND.” 

obviously, “GONE WITH THE WIND” was his most successful movie, but CLARK also appeared in great movies like “MUTINY ON THE THE BOUNTY,”, “THE MISFITS,” and he won an OSCAR for “IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT.”  CLARK GABLE was devastated when the love of his life, actress CAROLE  LOMBARD, was killed in a plane crash…

by the way, here’s an interesting tidbit…my relatives in the VEBLEN area say that CLARK GABLE and CAROLE  LOMBARD  used to do some hunting around VEBLEN and CLAIRE CITY…

CLARK GABLE continued to act until his death in 1960 at the age of only 59…he died ten days after suffering a severe heart attack.  he is interred at FOREST LAWN MEMORIAL PARK, in GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA, right beside his wife, CAROLE  LOMBARD…

IN 1999, THE AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE named CLARK GABLE as the number seven actor of all time….here he is in his last years…


4.  it was on this day in 1974 that GORDON LIGHTFOOT had the number one song in the UNITED STATES with his classic song, “SUNDOWN.”  here it is…


5.  i’m not a fireworks fan….as a father, you completely worry about what the kids are doing…i actually know a guy who got a bottle rocket in the eye, and now has a glass eye….we used to be very very stupid with fireworks…we used to hold the roman candles while shooting them, we used to hold bottle rockets will shooting them off, and we used to put firecrackers in our pants, and blow our pockets off….mom wasn’t impressed by the last one…PLEASE DO NOT TRY THESE STUNTS…WE WERE STUPID, YOU NEED TO BE SMART!!

6.  i’m in the mood for a good concert…when i went to see FIREFALL out in COLORADO, the guys invited me and my guest to RAPID CITY for their august concert with REO SPEEDWAGON…i won’t be able to go, but it’s nice to have the offer….i REALLY want to go to the TWIN CITIES for the MINNESOTA STATE FAIR and see the bands ‘TRAIN” and “MAROON FIVE.”  probably won’t make that one either…

7.  what i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do is go to MINNEAPOLIS later this summer to see my favorite late night host, CRAIG FERGUSON…..i hear that he does an incredible stand up show….probably won’t make that one either…..

8.  former governor ROD BLAGOJEVICH could potentially be sentenced to over a decade in prison…to put that into perspective, by the time he gets out his hair will be in style again….

9.  in 2012, cigarette manufacturers will have to display photos of people with missing teeth to show the dangers of smoking..how will they find these people?  put on a blindfold and start grabbing anyone in ARKANSAS….(ooh that was low, even for me..)

10.  SARAH PALIN is in IOWA for the premiere of a documentary about here life called “UNDEFEATED.”  they should change the title to, “HOW THE GOSH DARN HECK DID MICHELLE BACHMAN STEAL MY THUNDER?”

11.  there are rumors that MTV is going to replace the entire cast of “JERSEY SHORE” because of their goofy demands…here’s how the casting call will go….the producers will call people into a room and ask, “CAN YOU ACT LIKE A TOTAL JACKASS AND TALK LIKE YOU’RE DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS?”

12.  it’s rumored that creators of ‘TWO AND A HALF MEN” plan on killing CHARLIE SHEEN’S character off in an accident…i have a better idea…with the way his character acts on the show, why not let him die of 237 venereal diseases and cirrhosis of the liver…


Two men, sentenced to die in the electric chair on the same day, were led down to the room in which they would meet their maker. The priest had given them last rites, the formal speech had been given by the warden, and a final prayer had been said among the participants.
    The warden, turning to the first man, solemnly asked, “Son, do you have a last request?”
    To which the man replied, “Yes sir, I do. I love dance music. Could you please play the Macarena for me one last time?”
    “Certainly,” replied the warden.
    He turned to the other man and asked, “Well, what about you, son? What is your final request?”
    “Please,” said the condemned man, “kill me first.”




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