random thoughts for tuesday july 5th, 2011


1.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to actress SHIRLEY KNIGHT…SHIRLEY has been around for years, and i’m sure you recognize her from SOME movie that she was in…here she is in her early days with PAUL NEWMAN…

SHIRLEY KNIGHT has appeared in such movies as “THE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS, ” and “SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH.”  she recieve “BEST ACTRESS” nominations at the OSCARS for both of those movies….more recently she appeared as HELEN HUNT’S mom in “AS GOOD AS IT GETS”, and BROOKE SHIELDS mom in ‘ENDLESS LOVE”….

SHIRLEY KNIGHT turns 75 today….here she is recently…

here she is with LIAM NEESON…


2.  let’s find out whatever happened to ISABEL SANFORD?  she is mostly known for playing WEEZIE JEFFERSON, othewise known as LOUISE JEFFERSON on “THE JEFFERSON’S.” 

she started out playing LOUISE JEFFERSON on “ALL IN THE FAMILY” in 1975, as the BUNKER’S neighbors….and then from 1975-1985 “THE JEFFERSON’S”  were given their own show…

ISABEL appeared in other movies and television shows, but she realized that she was always going to be typecast as LOUISE JEFFERSON, so she, and her tv husband SHERMAN HELMSLEY made the most of it…

ISABEL SANFORD died on july 9th, 2004 of cardiac arrest and heart disease at CEDAR SINAI hospital in LOS ANGELES…she was 86 years old….she is interred at FOREST LAWN HOLLYWOOD HILLS….

here are some of the last ph0tos taken of ISABEL SANFORD, as she appeared with SHERMAN HELMSLEY….

by the way, in case you’re wondering what SHERMAN HELMSLEY looks like today, i have a picture of him…he is now 73 years old….didn’t realize that she was 20 years older than him on the show…wow…


3.  so, while hanging out on sunday at my brother and sister in laws at RICHMOND LAKE, i received the following call…

“hi jay…this is (name) from the RICHMOND LAKE ASSOCIATION…i’m just calling to tell you that you won the grand prize in our raffle….you’re the winner of a 32 inch FLAT SCREEN TV…”  yepper…..we bought a ticket from my sister in law and won…MAYBE MY LUCK IS FINALLY CHANGING!!!

4.  what a great weekend…..saturday we stopped off at PIERRE to witness firsthand the incredible surge of water being released…check out this video…


and then after that, it was off to BOB’S STEAKHOUSE near GETTYSBURG for some of the most incredible steaks i have ever ever tasted in my life….we then made a couple of stops in GETTYSBURG and FAULKTON on the way home…we had five couples from WARNER and it was so so so much fun…

5.  on sunday, we spent the day at my brother and sister in law’s at RICHMOND LAKE….what a great great time….we did some pontooning, laughing and joking, and the traditional launching of the water balloons at the oncoming boats….JEANNIE AND I, once again, didn’t make the fireworks show that night…we’re just getting too old…we need our sleep…ha ha

6.  and then yesterday, we had a wonderful day as well….in the morning, i was up on the road cleaning gutters, MITCHELL was trimming the yard and hedges, and JEANNIE was mowing the lawn….in the afternoon, we had a BLAST at our friends JEFF AND KATHY’S as we swam in their big outdoor pool….great time….

and then last night, JEANNIE AND I went to see the movie “SUPER 8″….

JEANNIE really didn’t want to see this movie, but i took her along anway..ha ha…WE BOTH LOVED IT…it was thrilling, and kind of far fetched, but good anyway…you can’t go wrong when both J.J. ABRAMS and STEVEN SPIELBERG are producing the movie….and for the second night in a row, we missed fireworks….

7.  i’ll tell you what is a bummer…when the power goes out and you spend the entire night staring at your clock hoping the power will come back on so you don’t oversleep….yep…not a big night of sleep last night, but i feel pretty darn good in spite of it….

8.  did you know that JULY is “NATIONAL BAKED BEANS MONTH?”  yes, it is….in a related note, gas prices are still high…

9.  scientists say that a river bug that was found in EUROPE may be the world’s loudest creature….it was either the bug or the tennis players grunting at WIMBLEDON…

10.  MARIA SHRIVER filed divorce papers to end her 25 year marriage to ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER…the last straw was the big batch of anonymous father’s day cards that were mailed to the house…

11.  TMZ has a photo of PARIS HILTON at a nightclub locking lips with her new boyfriend, “HANGOVER” movie director TODD PHILLIPS…and just like the movie, PHILLIPS woke up the next day with no memory..just the fear that something horrible happened the night before….

12.  first the NFL season was looking doubtful, and now the NBA season is in jeopardy….without both of those, what the heck will us guys do for “testosterone fueled action on tv?  oh wait..we still have “THE VIEW.”


She is in the kitchen preparing to boil eggs for breakfast.
    He walks in. She turns and says, “You’ve got to make love to me — this very moment.”
    His eyes light up and he thinks, “This is my lucky day.”
    Not wanting to lose the moment, he embraces her and they get intimate on the kitchen table. afterwards, she says “thanks” and returns to the stove.  more than a big puzzled, the man asked “what the heck was that all about?”  and the woman said, “the egg timer’s broke.”

WOW….have a great tuesday everybody…



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