random thoughts for thursday july 7th, 2011





1.  i missed a milestone birthday yesterday, so i thought that i would pass it along today…..actress ALLYCE BEASLEY turned 60 yesterday….don’t know the name?  i bet you’ll know her…she’s best known for playing the ditzy secretary AGNES DEPESTO on “MOONLIGHTING.”  she played alongside a much younger CYBILL SHEPHERD and BRUCE WILLIS…

ALLYCE is still active in the acting field, but does a lot of acting in stage productions….here’s ALLYCE BEASLEY today at 60….

by the way, did you know who ALLYCE BEASLEY was married to?  she was married to actor VINCENT SCHIAVELLI for three or four years…..remember him?


2.  i thought one of the absolute coolest soap operas ever was “DARK SHADOWS.”  remember that?  it was about a vampire by the name of BARNABUS COLLINS….the show aired on ABC from 1966-1971….this was a very weird soap opera, because it featured ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural characters….well, actor JONATHAN FRID played BARNABUS COLLINS, and today we’re going to find out whatever happened to him….here’s JONATHAN FRID as our favorite vampire on “DARK SHADOWS.”

FRID continues to appear at ‘DARK SHADOWS” conventions, and has millions of fans everywhere, including JOHNNY DEPP who said once that he was so into DARK SHADOWS that he wanted to BE BARNABUS COLLINS….how about that?

JONATHAN FRID is now 86 years old…here’s a picture of him today…

remember when we saluted LARRY STORCH yesterday?  well, here’s a picture of him with JONATHAN FRID…


3.  i felt like a big old grizzly bear yesterday…my sunburn that i recieved this past weekend itches so bad….so, i was doing the ole “rub up against a wall” routine yesterday at home…i would walk in and out of a room and massage my back on doors and walls….maybe that’s why JEANNIE calls me a “grumpy old bear.”  ha ha

4.  what a horrible tragedy in FARGO this past weekend…i always preach about the dangers of fireworks….well, this past weekend, a 41 year old guy was lighting fireworks and apparently had some super strong stuff that only qualified people were supposed to use…the poor guy lit one of them, there was a big explosion, and he was DECAPITATED…..what a horrible horrible horrible scene for everyone who was there watching..that’s something you’ll never forget….

5.  MINNESOTA TWINS star catcher JOE MAUER is expected to start at FIRST BASE tonight when the TWINS play the much hated CHICAGO WHITE SOX in CHICAGO….we all know that JUSTIN MORNEAU has been injured off and on, and could be out the rest of the season…..they need some stability at first base, and MAUER could do that….JOE’S a big guy, and catching will take it’s toll on his legs sooner than later….i have a gut feeling that MORNEAU’S days as a TWIN are coming to a close…..

6.  there are two new movies coming out this weekend that JEANNIE AND I will be checking out…the first one is called “HORRIBLE BOSSES.” 

it’s the story of three guys who HATE their bosses and want them dead…looks hilarious…my only problem is with the guy who has JENNIFER ANISTON as his boss…she sexually seduces him, and always has sexual comments for him…..AND HE HATES HER?  ha ha….

the other movie is KEVIN JAMES in “ZOOKEEPER”….

this movie has a “DR. DOOLITTLE” kind of approach to it, but it seems to look even funnier….we’ll give it a shot…can’t be the worst movie we’ve seen in recent years……or could it?

7.  a giant dust cloud over 50 miles wide engulfed PHOENIX, ARIZONA yesterday….the dust storm is a regular feature of ARIZONA’S annual monsoon and it’s called a “HABOOB.”  but this year it was considerably larger than normal….PHOENIX, much like my former girlfriends, is now known for having really big haboobs….

8.  CHARLIE SHEEN will be roasted on COMEDY CENTRAL in september….roasted then…probably TOASTED tonight….

9.  CASEY ANTHONY was found not guilty…that’s like the “JERSEY SHORE” cast being found not stupid….

10.  did you hear about the monkey in INDONESIA who took a camera from a patron of a zoo?  he then took pictures of himself…

after taking the pictures, the monkey was asked to resign from CONGRESS…

11.  analysts say that the new TOM HANKS AND JULIA ROBERTS movied called “LARRY CROWNE” is attracting a much older audience….in fact, in recent numbers, over 71 percent of those attending the movies were over 50…….that means fewer tickets dold at the box office….BUT FEWER CELL PHONES GOING OFF DURING THE MOVIE…


The 2nd Grade teacher was asking her class what their father does for a living. The teacher asks little Jimmy what his dad does for a living.
    Little Jimmy replies,”My Dad is a policeman.”
    The teacher says,” That’s good Jimmy, that’s a good profession.”
    When she asks little Susie, little Susie replies, “My Dad is a lawyer.”
    The teacher says “That’s very good Susie, that’s a great profession to be in.”
    When she asks little Mikey the same question, Mikey replies “My Dad is a doctor.”
    The teacher replies, “That’s super! that’s a wonderful profession to be in.”
    The teacher goes to little Johnny who says, “My Dad is a male stripper in a gay bar.”
    The teacher just says, “Okay.”
    Finally later in the day the kids go to recess and one of the little boys goes to Johnny and asks, “Is your Daddy really a stripper at a gay bar?”
    Johnny says, “No, he plays for the MINNESOTA VIKINGS, but i was too embarrassed to admit that.”


    Attending a wedding for the first time, a little girl whispered to her mother, “Why is the bride dressed in white?”
    “Because white is the color of happiness, and today is the happiest day of her life.”
    The child thought about this for a moment, then said, “So why is the groom wearing black?”





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