random thoughts for monday july 18th, 2011



1.  happy birthday wishes today are going out to 50’s and 60’s music icon DION DIMUCCI….you may remember him from DION AND THE BELMONTS….he turns 72 today….here are some flashbacks…

here is my favorite and my mom’s favorite DION album…

and here’s the birthday boy, DION on his 72nd birthday…

2.  what birthday tribute to DION would be complete without a couple of songs by him…these will bring back memories….here’s the classic “RUNAROUND SUE.”




and here’s my personal favorite, “LITTLE DIANE”, because it has my mom’s name in it…


3.  it is a sad day in history for HOLLYWOOD…tv star REBECCA SCHAEFFER was gunned down by a nutjob obsessed fan on this date in 1989…..REBECCA was only 21, and set off a campaign to keep celebrities safe from these whackos…..REBECCA was one of the stars of the tv show ‘MY SISTER SAM.’  she got her acting career off at an early start, featured in commercials…

here are some pictures of REBECCA SCHAEFFER including some with her “MY SISTER SAM” co-stars PAM DAWBER, DAVID NAUGHTON and others…

here’s REBECCA SCHAEFFER’S gravesite…

her crazed killer ROBERT BARDO was sentenced to life in prison..

4.  even though i thought we were going to die of heat exhaustion, we still made the trek to FORT SISSETON saturday night for a play called “THE MARVELOUS WONDERETTES.” 

it was incredibly hot in there, but i really felt sorry for the actresses…..when they came out in the crowd, you could see the sweat pouring off of them….poor girls…..the play was fantastic, and all the actors did great…i especially loved the role that YVONNE FREESE played…..i think she could do some serious damage in the acting business if she wanted to…..all of the actors were NORTHERN STATE students….

5.  we watched the horror movie “INSIDIOUS” friday night with my brother and sister and their spouses…..the movie scared everybody pretty good….we especially had a good scare when my brother’s seven year old son snuck upstairs and barked like a dog, sending him mother into orbit…ha ha

6.  hmmm….didn’t think it was legal to smoke in local bars anymore….some people were getting away with it the other night…shame on them….

7.  my traeger grill was working overtime friday night….we grilled out making hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken breasts…i’ve never ever seen a grill that can make such incredible food…..i usually burn everything, and even i can’t screw this up….

8.  PRESIDENT OBAMA said friday that 80 percent of AMERICAN’S want their taxes increased…of course, in politician terms, that means that 20 percent of AMERICANS want thier taxes increased..

9.  PRESIDENT OBAMA said that he’s “turning 50 in a week”, but his birthday isn’t until august 4th, three weeks from now….great, so now even OBAMA doesn’t trust his own birth certificate…

10.  a judge has set JOHN EDWARDS corruption trial for october…in typical JOHN EDWARDS fashion, he has already denied that he’s the father of any of the potential jurors….

11.  a SOUTH CAROLINA  couple say that they saw JESUS on their WAL-MART receipt….it never fails…every time you go to WAL-MART you see somebody you know….


Two boys are playing baseball in Central Park, New York, when one is attacked by a rabid Rottweiler.
    Thinking quickly, the other boy rips a board off of a nearby fence, wedges it down the dog’s collar and twists, breaking the dog’s neck.
    A reporter strolling by sees the incident, and rushes over to interview the boy.
    “Young Yankees Fan Saves Friend From Vicious Animal,” he writes in his notebook.
    “But I’m not a Yankees fan,” the little hero replies.
    “Sorry, since we are in New York, I just assumed you were,” says the reporter.
    “Little Mets Fan Rescues Friend From Horrific Attack,” he writes in his notebook.
    “I’m not a Mets fan either,” the boy says.
    “I assumed everyone in New York was either for the Yankees or Mets. What team do you root for?” the reporter asks.
    “I”m a CHICAGO WHITEX SOX  fan,” the child says.
    The reporter starts a new sheet in his notebook and writes, “Little crazed  Maniac Kills Beloved Family Pet.”




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