random thoughts for wednesday july 20th, 2011


1.  happy birthday wishes are going out to actress DONNA DIXON who turns 54 today….she is known for playing roles on tv shows like “BOSOM BUDDIES”, and films like “WAYNE’S WORLD”, and “TWILIGHT ZONE, THE MOVIE.”  she was also in the movie “DOCTOR DETROIT” with DAN AYKROYD, whom she later married….here’s DONNA DIXON in her glory years on tv and as a model…

and here’s DONNA DIXON today on her 54th birthday…


2.  today we’re going to find out whatever happened to actor JAMES DOOHAN who played “SCOTTY” on “STAR TREK.”  remember him?

JAMES DOOHAN died ON THIS DATE back in 1995 at the age of 85…per his request, his ashes were flown into space and released… here are some later year pictures of JAMES DOOHAN..

3.  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS…a friend of mine on facebook caught this on KELOLAND…..it’s taken from the HOLGATE school in ABERDEEN…

a heat index of 130?  that’s insane…

4.  rock band CHEAP TRICK is playing the SOUTH DAKOTA STATE FAIR in a few weeks, and i’m going to be front stage for that one…well, CHEAP TRICK just about didn’t have the chance to make it to HURON after an accident in OTTAWA, CANADA the other night…did you hear about the stage collapsing?  check out this video…


5.  HOW ABOUT THOSE TWINS?  last night the MINNESOTA TWINS were behind 1-0 almost the entire game against the division leading CLEVELAND INDIANS…in the bottom of the 9th inning, JOE MAUER and MICHAEL CUDDYER got on base with DANNY VALENCIA up at the plate…VALENCIA hits a nice ball down the line in left field, scoring both of them for a TWIN’S win…the weird thing?  VALENCIA got the hit off of his former college roommate  who then threw his glove in the dugout and kicked things over….too bad, so sad….

6.  one of my facebook friends had a funny on their site yesterday…as she walked outside with her young daughter, her daughter said, “ABERDEEN SMELLS LIKE POOP.”  how funny is that?  could be moccasin creek maybe?  who knows….

7.  SEARS has some customers fuming after they accidentally listed the I-PAD 2 on sale for $69 dollars, and then had to charge them the full price of $499…..LINDSAY LOHAN was so upset about this that she decided not to steal one…

8.  a new I-PHONE app  tracks your baby’s needs and notifies you when your baby’s diaper is full…it works on babies and BETTY WHITE…

9.  supporters of VLADIMIR PUTIN’S quest for RUSSIA’S presidency are urging young women to show support for him by posting internet videos of themselves taking their clothes off…that’s true…and BILL CLINTON is fuming that he didn’t think of that first….

10.  the space shuttle ATLANTIS will end it’s career with a return to earth on thursday…and ironically enough, like all other retirees, it will land in FLORIDA…


did you hear about the man who died from drinking furniture polish?  he had a horrible ending but a GREAT FINISH….




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