random thoughts for friday july 22nd, 2011



1.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to actress LOUISE FLETCHER, who played NURSE RATCHED on the classic “ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST.”  here are some picture of LOUISE back on the movie and in her younger years…she was very very pretty…

and here’s a classic scene with JACK NICHOLSON on the movie…

this awesome movie won ALL FIVE major awards at the OSCARS…best picture, lead actress for LOUISE FLETCHER,  best actor for JACK NICHOLSON, plus best director and best screenplay as well….

LOUISE FLETCHER turns 77 years old today..here she is recently…


2.  today we find out whatever happened to RUTH BUZZI from “LAUGH-IN.”  i noticed that RUTH turns 75 years old today, so let’s see where she is….

RUTH  BUZZI played many different characters on the hit tv show, but she’s mostly known for “GLADYS.”

here she is with co-star ARTE JOHNSON..

RUTH BUZZI is still out entertaining people today…and she’s celebrating her 75th birthday today…..

here are some current pictures of RUTH BUZZI…the first ones are with her LAUGH-IN cast…see how many you can recognize…the first one is with former co-star JOANNE WORLEY…


3.  MY WIFE THINKS SHE’S SO FUNNY…today’s the first day i haven’t had to comb my hair since i was a kid, because i got BUZZED yesterday, BIG TIME…but i love it!!!  well, last night when my wife came home, she took one look at me and said, “i don’t like your haircut…you look like JOHN CANDY in the movie “STRIPES.”

her sense of humor is one of the main reasons i fell in love with her…and just for the record, i think my hair is SHORTER than his…ha ha

4.  i had my brother TREVOR over to watch the TWINS last night….disappointment…the TWINS were manhandled by JUSTIN VERLANDER and the TIGERS last night….but i had good news…TREVOR is a computer genius, so he spent an hour before the game and commercial breaks getting our computer faster…he absolutely LOVES doing that stuff…it makes me happy seeing my baby brother so excited in his work…..apparently my babysitting skills as  a youngster paid off!!!  ha ha

5.  we don’t have many opportunities in this fast paced life to relax and enjoy ourselves…HOWEVER, i did on thursday night….i plugged in my jukebox, and CRANKED it, while standing in front of it dancing and singing…i had a BLAST…i  have my current jukebox loaded with country classics from artists like JOHNNY CASH, LYNN ANDERSON, JACK GREENE, RICKY SKAGGS, RESTLESS HEART, CHARLIE DANIELS BAND and many more….

6.  two new movies are coming out this weekend….

the first one is another super hero movie called “CAPTAIN AMERICA.”

i kind of want to see it, but i’ll guarantee you one thing..if i go, i’ll be GOING ALONE…nobody else wants to see it…

the movie i’m sure we’ll go to this weekend is JUSTIN TIMBELAKE and MILA KUNIS in “FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.”

it’s my beautiful wife’s birthday sunday, and we get to choose what movie to see on our special days….i can GUARANTEE you she’ll choose this one, and i’m okay with that….WOODY HARRELSON looks funnier than heck in this movie…he, by the way, turns 50 this weekend…

7.  the U.S. INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE wants the government to provide free BIRTH CONTROL for women…so, in order to step up thier fight for BIRTH CONTROL, the U.S. government has released the following photo which will be used all over the country to stop women from having sex….

8.  the FAA is investigating an air traffic controller in COLORADO who is accused of being drunk on the job…he has been arrested and charged with “impersonating a pilot.”

9.  porn star BREE OLSON told ABC that what destroyed her relationship with CHARLIE SHEEN was that she never realized that another porn star would be moving in with them…c’mon…give me a break….don’t porn stars know that another woman almost ALWAYS  shows up eventually?

10.  CASEY ANTHONY’S attorney is recieving threats…the worst one has been that ROB SCHNEIDER will play him in the movie…

11.  a report says that AL QAEDA is reportedly planning on creating a “DISNEY-LIKE” film to recruit children into the terrorist group….one of the scenes has OSAMA BIN LADEN singing “UNDER THE SEA.”

12.  THIS IS TRUE….authorities had to rescue a bear in TENNESSEE with it’s head stuck inside a jar….hmm…sounds suspicious….could it just be a publicity stunt for the movie ‘WINNIE THE POOH?’


In a small town, a man just opened a small store selling trumpets and guns.
    One day his neighbor pays him a visit and says: “So how is your strange business going?”
    “What do you mean strange?”
    “Because you sell only trumpets and guns!”
    “Well, let me put it this way, what do you sell the most, trumpets or guns?”
    “It evens itself out … each time a customer buys a trumpet, one of his neighbors buys a gun.”




One thought on “random thoughts for friday july 22nd, 2011

  1. I saw your posting for 7/22/2011 about Louise Fletcher’s 77th birthday.

    I wish you’d have posted about some of her work before and especially since the movie.

    In the 1990’s She splendidly played Kai Wynn in a recurring role on Deepspace Nine. (“Kai” being a title comparable to “Pope”). I may be mistaken, but I believe she was nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of Wynn.

    This July 22nd, could you clue us in on what she is working on today?

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