random thoughts for tuesday july 26th, 2011


now it’s time to start cheering for my favorite team…

this guy is a PACKER’S fan….so, just how stupid does his brother have to be?  ha ha

1.  my my my…how times flies….in our celebrity birthdays today, we salute actor JAMES BEST, who played ROSCOE P. COLTRANE on “THE DUKES OF HAZZARD.”  beleive it nor not, he is 85 today…yep…85…..here he is back on the show….

and here he is today on his 85th birthday…

2.  today we find out, whatever happened to actress ROSE MARIE….ROSE is mostly known for “THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW”, and for being one of the squares on the original HOLLYWOOD SQUARES….here she is back then…

ROSE MARIE is still getting around, even though she is now 87 years old…here she is recently….the first one is with DICK VAN DYKE, and the second one is with CARL REINER…

3.  well, the big news in the sporting world is THE RETURN OF THE NFL….the players and owners settled their work stoppage yesterday…it’s going to be a fun few days…GET READY….between now and saturday, undrafted and drafted rookies will be signed, teams will negotiate with free agents and sign them later on in the week…it is going to be a MADHOUSE…but it will be fun…

4.  one thing that is not fun is the recent play of the MINNESOTA TWINS…they were MAULED last night 20-6 by the TEXAS RANGERS….how bad was the pitching?  even MICHAEL CUDDYER got to pitch last night….that’s true..he did….this was the worst loss in RON GARDENHIRE’S coaching career, and the RANGERS set the season record for runs with 20…..sad sad deal…the TWINS keep falling further behind the TIGERS and INDIANS…

5.  i’ve been spending a lot of time at the hospital recently because my dad has been in there for about a week and a half….i was wondering the other day, is hospital food as bad as what it was when i was a kid?  i would guess absolutely not….dad’s meals have looked INCREDIBLE…..made my mouth water…so, hats off to the kitchen staff at AVERA ST. LUKES….i remember one hospital when i was little that served chicken pot pies….i would have sworn they included the beaks and feet in the meal…gross…

6.  i get a kick out of this heat wave….the eastern UNITED STATES gets really hot, and it’s the top story on the nightly news…we have an incredible heat wave last week, and i don’t even know if it made some national news…it all depends on where you live, i guess….

7.  a new survey found that women are far more likely than men to send someone a naked photo of themselves over a cell phone….but men are far more likely to have to resign from CONGRESS for doing that…

8.  ELLIOT HANDLER, the co-founder of the MATTEL toy company and the creator of the BARBIE DOLL, has died at the age of 95….100 little KEN dolls are expected to be his pallbearers…

9.  actor RANDY QUAID continues to hide in CANADA and insists that no matter what people think of him he’s not a criminal…he’s right…it’s not a crime to be a total whacko….

10.  as i mentioned before, the NFL strike is over and the traditions of football can start…traditions like BRETT FAVRE retiring and then unretiring….

11.  DONALD TRUMP went to see the movie ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA’ the other day…he was disappointed…he thought it was an autobiography of his life….

12.  the death of AMY WINEHOUSE has many celebrities rethinking their addictive lifestyles…in fact, even CHARLIE SHEEN is getting in the action…he’s now switched to a FILTERED crack pipe…

13.  lately there have been some wild weather patterns around the world…have you seen that video of waterfalls in AUSTRALIA running uphill?  and let’s not even discuss what happened when people flushed their toilets…

check out the video…



A man was jumping up and down on a manhole cover screaming at the top of his lungs, “Seventeen!! Seventeen!!”
    Intrigued by the man’s insane behavior, another man walks over to him and asks why he is doing that.
    The first man responded, “It’s a blast. You have to try it. Jump as high as you can and scream ‘Seventeen!!’ as loud as humanly possible. You get such a rush. Try it.”
    Reluctantly, the second man gets on the manhole cover and barely hops and says, “Seventeen?” very timidly.
    The first one says, “No, no, no. You’re doing it wrong. Jump higher. Yell louder.”
    So, the second man begins jumping a little higher and speaking louder than normal. Finally he says, “Hey, you know, I am getting a little bit of a rush. Seventeen!! Seventeen!!”
    The man jumps higher and higher, screaming louder and louder ….. “Seventeen!! Seventeen!!”
     The first man, once the second had jumped high enough, yanked the manhole cover out from under the second, causing him to fall down the manhole. The first man replaced the cover and, once again, began jumping and screaming, “Eighteen!! Eighteen!!”




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