random thoughts for wednesday july 27th, 2011



1.  we have a milestone celebrity birthday today…actor JERRY VAN DYKE, one of the stars of the tv show “COACH”, and brother of DICK VAN DYKE turns 80 years old today…..you HAVE to remember this guy…

JERRY VAN DYKE is 80 and still acting. in fact, he was just appearing in a show called ‘THE SUNSHINE BOYS’ alongside his brother DICK VAN DYKE…


2.  today we’re going to find out whatever happened to KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN founder COLONEL HARLAND SANDERS…otherwise known as COLONEL SANDERS….

when COLONEL SANDERS was 49 years old, he developed his “secret recipe” for chicken…at the age of 65, SANDERS took 105 dollars from his first social security check and started visited possible places to put his “dream restraunt.”  many people don’t know this, but COLONEL SANDERS was turned down dozens and dozens of times before KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN took off….also, DAVE THOMAS, who started the WENDY’S chain later on, was one of the people credited for saving COLONEL SANDERS and KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, later known just as KFC….

the COLONEL died of pneumonia at the age of 90 back in 1980…his body actually laid in state at the KENTUCKY STATE CAPITOL…he is buried at CAVE HILL CEMETERY in LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY…he was buried in his trademark white suit and black western string tie….check out his burial spot…

here’s a couple of later day pictures of him…


3.  the NFL strike is over, and players are headed back to their teams headquarters…but some of them are having trouble….the funniest one is future WASHINGTON REDSKINS quarterback JOHN BECK…the former BYU star was TURNED AWAY by authorities at REDSKINS PARK yesterday, because nobody knew who the heck he was….NOW THAT’S FUNNY…he was sent packing by security at the gate…he went home until things got straightened out….this is the guy that COACH MIKE SHANAHAN has pretty much picked to start as quarterback for my favorite team….

4.  speaking of REDSKIN’S quarterbacks, DONOVAN MCNABB just might be a MINNESOTA VIKINGS quarterback this year…

numerous reports in the TWIN CITIES say that a deal is complete, other than working out the payday with DONOVAN…

what do you think VIKINGS fans?  i think you’re getting a superb quartback that DIDN’T GET A FAIR SHAKE IN WASHINGTON…coach SHANAHAN’S cocky little son didn’t like MCNABB, so things went south….i personally think that he can lead the VIKINGS back to the playoffs…we’ll have to see….

5.  another storm passed thru the area last night…the AMERICAN NEWS is reporting that my wife’s hometown of ROSLYN has over 90 trees down due to 100 mile per hour winds….wow….and i’m sure the HECLA AND HOUGHTON areas recieved more rain..just what they DIDN’T need….

6.  okay..i have seen some wild things in my life, but last night i saw one of the wildest things i have EVER SEEN…i was driving from GROTON to ABERDEEN last night, when i passed a car that had a GOAT in the BACK SEAT…i’m not kidding…i had to look like four times while i passed…then i burst out laughing…that was crazy funny….

7.  an ASK MEN/ COSMO poll found that nearly half of all men would DUMP a woman if she gained a bunch of weight…proving the theory that SIZE DOES MATTER…

8.  SAN FRANCISCO is considering passing an anti-discrimination law that would make felons a protected class….right now the only spot where felons are protected is CONGRESS…

9.  police in PHOENIX are searching for a man who robbed a bank of 70 thousand dollars and then got away in a WHEELCHAIR….two things….OBAMA needs to stop telling seniors they might not get their social security checks, and more importantly, PHOENIX POLICE NEED TO GET FASTER CARS…

10. a MICHAEL JACKSON tribute concert was announced yesterday by members of the JACKSON family…they are calling the tour “THE CASH IN ANY WAY WE CAN ON MICHAEL’S DEATH TOUR.”

11.  a pastor at a NASCAR race offered a pre-race prayer in which he thanked the LORD for his “SMOKIN’ HOT WIFE.”  um, sir, that’s not what is meant by “HEAVENLY BODIES.”

12.  in NEW YORK CITY, a taxi collided with a horse drawn carriage…there was mass confusion afterwards because neither the horse or the cab driver spoke english…


 A man returns from a trip to Shanghai and is feeling very ill. He goes to see his doctor and is immediately rushed to the hospital to undergo a series of tests. The man wakes up after these tests in a private room at the hospital and the phone by his bed rings.
    “This is your doctor,” says the voice on the phone. “We have the results back from your test and… I’m sorry, you have an extremely contagious deadly disease known as G. A. S. H.”
    “G.A.S.H?” replies the man. “What in the hell is that?”
    “It’s a combination of Gonorrhea, AIDS, SARS and Herpes,” explains the doctor.
    “My gosh, Doc!” screams the man in a panic, “what are we going to do?”
    “Well, we’re going to put you on a strict diet of Pizza, Pancakes, Quesadillas and Pita bread,” says the doctor matter-of-factly.
    “Will that cure me?”
    “Well, no,” says the doctor, “but it’s food that will fit under the door.”




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