random thoughts for monday august 1st, 2011


1.  happy birthday wishes are going out to actor GEOFFREY HOLDER…i can’t beleive it, but he turns 81 years old today…GEOFFREY HOLDER is mostly known for a very very famous 7-UP commercial back in the 70’s…remember this?


that’s right, it’s the “UNCOLA”…..GEOFFREY HOLDER is also an accomplished actor, painter and more…..you also might remember him in the role of BARON SAMEDI, the voodoo guy in the ROGER MOORE/JAMES BOND movie from 1973 called “LIVE AND LET DIE.”

here’s GEOFFREY HOLDER today on his 81st birthday…

2.  this should make you feel old….today is the 51st anniversary of “THE TWIST.”  that’s right, on this date in 1960, CHUBBY CHECKER released “THE TWIST” and set off a worldwide craze…..today we’re going to find out whatever happened to CHUBBY CHECKER…here he is back in the “craze days.”

here’s the video…dance along…


CHUBBY CHECKER is now 69 years old, and will turn 70 in october…he still performs many many dates every year, and performs a lot in LAS VEGAS, as well…..here’s CHUBBY CHECKER in recent years…the first one is with TONY ORLANDO….

3.  this will also make you feel old….30 years ago today, MTV debuted…..yep…THIRTY YEARS AGO TODAY….and it all started that day with this…


and by the way, I HATE MTV TODAY…MUSIC TELEVISION? i think not….it’s horrible…wish it would go back to solid videos from the 80’s to today….it would be a hit…..

do you remember what the very first video was that played on MTV?  appropriately enough, it was “VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR”, by THE BUGGLES….


4.  i was hungry yesterday for a GODFATHER’S PIZZA….i almost died of starvation looking for their new building….it’s on southwest 6th avenue, and has absolutely no signage on it other than an “open” sign….i finally figured out which one  it was and ordered my famous “italian sausage” pizza…..i didn’t realize that it would be such a chore to find it….

5.  i had an outdoor wedding at a lodge between HECLA and BRITTON on saturday night….we held the cermony outdoors in front of a corn field….as the wedding party was walking down the aisle, i realized that i still had my gum in my mouth….so, i turned around and flicked it into the corn field…however, IT STUCK TO A CORN COB….i turned around and the front few rows were giggling…so, i had to pull it off of the corn stalk and put it on the ground….totally hilarious…..

6.  i am SO THRILLED that the NFL is back in business….when i was home this weekend, i don’t think i shut off THE NFL NETWORK…plus i was running to my computer to profootballtalk.com……..i couldn’t wait to see who was signing where….and i’m SUPER PUMPED because this month is the month where we play FANTASY FOOTBALL…..BRING IT ON BABY…

7.  COLORADO authorities suspended the nation’s first medical marijuana training school….apparently it was a “paper problem.”  they were all getting rolled and smoked….

8.  the EARTH’S population will hit SEVEN BILLION this year…which is roughly one person per every STARBUCKS…

9.  the box office race from the weekend was too close to call early this morning….”THE SMURFS” seemed likely to topple ‘COWBOYS AND ALIENS” for the number one movie of the weekend…..”COWBOYS AND ALIENS’ opened to terrible reviews, and lukewarm audience reaction….which means that HOLLYWOOD will only make FIVE sequels…..

10.  after a HOUSTON couple couldn’t find a minister to marry them next weekend, they decided to get married by a computer….the computer runs  “WINDOWS VISTA”, so it will become  the first “wedding crasher” at the wedding…..

11.  after taking 11 weeks off to heal his leg, TIGER WOODS will play later this week in the BRIDGESTONE INVITATIONAL….which is a bad reminder for TIGER…the last time he rode on BRIDGESTONE tires, his wife chased him into a tree….


a woman walked into the kitchen to find her husband swatting flies…so, she asked him what the heck he was doing….the man responded “killing flies.”   so she asked “well, have you killed any?”  and the guy said, “yep…three males and two females.”  the wife said, “how could you possibly know that there are three males and two females?”  and the guy said, “because three of them were on a beer can and two were on the phone.”





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