random thoughts for tuesday august 2nd, 2011



1.  happy birthday wishes today are going out to actor EDWARD FURLONG…he plays SHANE CASEY in “CSI:NEW YORK…he also played JOHN CONNOR in “TERMINATOR 2”, a role that earned him a SATURN AWARD for best performance by a young actor in 1992…here he is back in the day…

EDWARD FURLONG is celebrating birthday number 34 today..here he is in recent times…


2.  remember SHARI LEWIS?  she brought us great puppets like LAMBCHOP, HUSH PUPPY, WING DING, and CHARLEY HORSE…SHARI was one of the most creative and beloved puppeteers of recent memory….SHARI LEWIS died on this date in 1998 at the age of 65 due to uterine cancer….here are some classic moments…

here’s SHARI LEWIS in her later years…

i learned something about SHARI LEWIS that i didn’t know….SHARI’S daughter MALLY, (real name MALLORY) is carrying on her tradition….how cool…


3.  last night, JEANNIE, TYLER AND I saw one of the best movies we have seen in recent years…in fact, there are very few movies that i would go to a second time, but i would with this one….

it’s STEVE CARRELL’S new movie called “CRAZY STUPID LOVE.”  we had thought the movie looked good, but we had no idea how good it would be…

great story, GREAT ENSEMBLE CAST, and quite a few laughs and a few sad moments too….it all makes for an EXCELLENT MOVIE…i don’t think you will be disappointed watching this….and it all comes to a fantastic climax at the end…..highly recommended….

4.  we had a couple of huge debates after the movie last night…the first one is…which one is more beautiful, MARISA TOMEI or JULIANNE MOORE…c’mon…it’s not even a ballgame…TYLER AND I chose MARISA TOMEI HANDS DOWN….

JEANNIE thought that JULIANNE MOORE is very beautiful…i, personally, don’t think that’s that pretty at all….

and then we got on the subject of EMMA STONE…TYLER AND I think that she’s very beautiful…JEANNIE says “not so much.”

5.  i hear all these stories about JIMMY JOHN’S coming to town..i know absolutely nothing about this place…i still miss QUIZNO’S….yes QUIZNO’S was very expensive, but i loved thier sandwiches….

6.  so, if i had the money, and could bring ANY eating place to town, what would be my top three?  easy…

NUMBER ONE would be OLD CHICAGO STYLE PIZZA…i love this pizza, plus you can get sandwiches, and a cold one with it…

NUMBER TWO would be RED LOBSTER?  why?  because it’s RED LOBSTER…

and NUMBER THREE would be RUBY TUESDAY’S….why?  because i love thier big menu with tons of choices…however, my last meal at RUBY’S in NORTH PLATTE was not very good…but every other one has been fantastic…

7.  yesterday at a stop light in ABERDEEN on sixth avenue, there were seven cars lined up waiting for a green light….FOUR CARS out of the SEVEN CARS were TEXTING….yep..four out of seven were texting and not paying attention to the light….if i ever get in an accident because the other person was texting, all hell is going to break loose…

8.  PRESIDENT OBAMA and members of CONGRESS agree to a debt ceiling deal the other day….WHY?  because this week is SHARK WEEK on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL and NOBODY wants to miss that…by the way, the pizza guy that delivered the pizzas to their last meeting is still standing on the WHITE HOUSE lobby waiting to get paid….ha ha

9.  a woman who was crying uncontrollably was kicked off a SOUTHWEST flight last week…why was she crying?  she was sad because she didn’t get the FULL CAVITY search by the TSA agents…

10.  the band U2 wrapped up their tour after 25 months…HUGH HEFNER’S ex fiance CRYSTAL HARRIS was shocked to learn that those old dudes could perform for two years…

11.  as i mentioned before, it’s SHARK WEEK this week on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL…sharks don’t have a lot of human friends, but we’re thrilled that they have befriended OSAMA BIN LADEN…

12.  at CHICAGO’S O’HARE airport, two planes collided on the tarmac..fortunately, there were no injuries, however, both pilots spilled their cocktails…


A fireman is working on the engine outside the station when he notices a little girl next door in a little red wagon with little ladders hung off the side and a garden hose lightly coiled in the middle.
     The girl is wearing a fireman’s helmet and has the wagon tied to a dog and a cat.
     The fireman walks over to take a closer look. “That sure is a nice fire truck,” the fireman says with admiration.
     “Thanks” the girl says.
     The fireman looks a little closer and notices the girl has tied the wagon to the dog’s collar and to the cat’s testicles.
     “Little Partner.” The fireman says,” I don’t want to tell you how to run your fire truck, but if you were to tie that rope around the cat’s collar. I think he could pull more.”
     The little girl replied, “You’re probably right, sir, but then I wouldn’t have a siren.”


     An 80 year old man was having an annual physical. As the doctor was listening to his heart with the stethoscope, he began muttering, “Oh oh!”
     The man asked the doctor what the problem was. “Well,” said the doc, “you have a serious heart murmur. Do you smoke?”
     “No,” replied the man.
     “Do you drink in excess?
     “No.” replied the man.
     “Do you have a sex life?”
     “Well, yes, I do!”
     “Well,” said the doc, “I’m afraid with this heart murmur, you’ll have to give up half your sex life.”
     Looking perplexed, the old man asked, “Which half … the LOOKING or the THINKING?”





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