random thoughts for tuesday august 9th, 2011



1.  this will make you feel older..AGAIN…remember the little girl that played KRISSY, the youngest daughter on “GROWING PAINS?”  well, her name is ASHLEY JOHNSON and she turns 28 today..yep…28….WHERE’S MY WALKER?

here is ASHLEY with her tv family…she’s the cutie with the red curly hair…

and here’s ASHLEY JOHNSON today on her 28th birthday…


2.  today on “remember when” segment, we salute the cast of “I DREAM OF JEANNIE.”  remember the theme song?


the show starred BARBARA EDEN, as “JEANNIE”, LARRY HAGMAN as “MAJOR TONY NELSON”, BILL DAILY as “MAJOR ROGER HEALEY,” and HAYDEN RORKE as “COLONEL BELLOWS.”  the show ran from 1965-1970, and lives on in syndication.

here are the cast members of the show….

BARBARA EDEN is now 76 years old, LARRY HAGMAN is now 79, and BILL DAILY is 83….actor HAYDEN RORKE died in 1987 at the age of 76…..

here’s a current picture of the remaining stars….from left to right, BILL DAILY, BARBARA EDEN, AND LARRY HAGMAN…


3.  you can now see the video of yours truly getting a tattoo…just go to hubcityradio.com, and click on the sunny link at the top of the page….

4.  sometimes i just can’t shut my mouth..ha ha…last night i attended my HECLA churches last softball game of the season…and it was the FIRST game i could attend because of numerous commitments this summer on monday nights…i was given a bunch of crap about not coming all season, and i told people, “well, i came to softball as many times as a lot of you have come to church this summer.”  harsh, but funny…..people laughed about it, so i’m safe…ha ha

5.  we had a blast on FACEBOOK last night…in fact, the MOST FUN i have ever had on there….a childhood friend of mine by the name of STEVE BRUCE, started a conversation which read “you know you were from BRITTON when………”  so everybody piped in on stuff from our childhood…brought back tons of memories…

6.  i brought back memories of getting my mouth taped shut in 3rd grade, getting my first kiss in 2nd grade, going to my friends houses because of their “hot” older sisters, and sniffing markers…(now that explains a lot doesn’t it?)  great time last night…i didn’t want to shut the computer down and go to bed….

7.  a new survey finds that 67 percent of AMERICAN adults say that the state of the economy is causing more stress on their family…in fact, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is so stressed that he doesn’t know if he can hire a new housekeeper…..

8.  JAN FIELD, the president of MCDONALDS, says that she lost 90 pounds and is now on a health crusade…what does that mean?  no more eating the inventory?

9.  officials in MINNESOTA are still trying to identify a mystery roadkill…it has five claws, tufts of hair on it’s head and appears to be snarling…until they figure out what it is called, they’re just calling it NANCY GRACE….

10.  a youth pastor in PASADENA is facing charges for allegedly taping teenage girls in the shower as they washed honey off of their bodies from a game they had played….just for your information….any game that starts out with a pastor having teenage girls pour honey on them, is NOT APPROVED BY JESUS…

11.  BRITISH scientists say that  the human brain has reached it’s peak, and it is impossible for us to get any smarter…which explains our infatuation with SNOOKI and THE KARDASHIANS…

12.  JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ were very cozy at the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS on sunday…so, the rumors of them breaking up are not true, but the rumors of us getting sick of them are true…


this man is walking down the beach when he finds a genie bottle…he opens it up and a genie appears and tells him that she will grant him one wish…so he says, “i want to live forever.”  the genie told him that she definetly was not able to grant anything like that…so the guy says, “okay, then let me die the day after congress gets it’s head out of it’s butt.”  and the genie says, “YOU CRAFTY S.O.B.”





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