random thoughts for FRIDAY september 30th, 2011




1.  i know that we featured this beautiful lady recently, but we have to do it again today, because it’s a milestone birthday…..KULM, NORTH DAKOTA native ANGIE DICKINSON turns 80 today….EIGHTY…that doesn’t seem possible…..anyway, here she is….


2.  also, today, BARRY WILLIAMS, from “THE BRADY BUNCH” turns 57…that should make you feel old….he, of course, played “GREG BRADY.”  here’s a picture of him…

3.  in my opinion, the next lady is one of the most BEAUTIFUL women in the world….JULIE ANDREWS will turn 76 on saturday…and she is still so so gorgeous…..you probably remember her from one of my favorite movies of all time, ‘THE SOUND OF MUSIC.”

she was also in the hit DISNEY movie “MARY POPPINS.”

i have always been in love with her EYES….here’s JULIE ANDREWS today on the eve of birthday number 76……

4.  speaking of eyes, during my senior year at LANGFORD back in 1982, i was voted “PRETTIEST EYES” and “BIGGEST FLIRT.”  i have no idea where the “BIGGEST FLIRT” deal came from..ha ha…

i once had someone say that i had the most beautiful eyes…when they are closed!!  funny…

5.  BRING ON THE HOCKEY, BABY…(guess who i’m cheering for…)

i can’t wait for tonight…you couldn’t find a more perfect way to start the hockey season than having our ABERDEEN WINGS tangle with thier arch rivals THE BISMARCK BOBCATS…

game time tonight is 7:15 at the ODDE ICE ARENA..there is also a tailgating party starting at 5:00 today….i will be broadcasting “live” from the event from 4-6 today on SUNNY 97.7….

6.  i really hope you can come to the WARD HOTEL CRYSTAL BALLROOM on saturday night for the DACOTAH PRAIRIE MUSEUM fund raising gala…

it’s going to be a HOLLYWOOD themed event…you can dress up like your favorite HOLLYWOOD stars, or just get dressed up for the “RED CARPET EVENT.”

tickets are only 20 dollars each, and they are available at the MUSEUM, at the door saturday night, or at dacotahprairiemuseum.com…..

we will have dance music, TONS of trivia questions and giveaways, great food, drinks, and LOTS OF FUN…hope to see you saturday night at 6:30 at the WARD HOTEL CRYSTAL BALLROOM…

7.  here’s what’s happening “movie wise” this weekend….

i am DYING to see the movie “DREAM HOUSE.”

I LOVE SCARY MOVIES…DANIEL CRAIG, RACHEL WEISZ, AND NAOMI WATTS star in this thriller about a family that moves into a new home, only to find out that the previous family was murdered in that house….AWESOME…

the other one that i might go see is “50-50”.

this one stars SETH ROGEN and JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT, as best friends who have to deal with cancer…..looks funny, heartwarming, and sad….will definetly go see this one…

CHICK FLICK ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually, it looks like a “chick flick’, but it also seems to maybe appeal to my “romantic” side….CAN’T BELIEVE I SAID THAT…

it’s a movie called “WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER?”

ANNA FARIS stars as a young lady trying to find the best “ex” of her life…it also stars CHRIS EVANS and BLYTHE DANNER….

8.  the CDC is reporting that “killer cantaloupes” are expected to affect even more people…..wow….”KILLER CANTALOUPES.”  i hope HOLLYWOOD doesn’t take this idea and make a stupid movie…knowing them it will be a porno….

9.  doctors say that many AMERICANS are getting way too much medical care…especially if your doctor’s names are DR. CONRAD MURRAY, or DR. JACK KERVORKIAN…

10.  the inventor of the “heart pacemaker” has died at the age of 92…his last words were “dammit…i forgot you have to change the batteries on this thing.”

11.  mail containing a “white powder” showed up on the set of “DANCING WITH THE STARS.”  turns out it was harmless…and the so called “stars” weren’t scared, because when they heard the words “suspicious package”, they just thought that CHAZ BONO was entering the building….


   An artist asked the gallery owner if there had been any interest in his paintings on display at that time.
     “I have good news and bad news,” the owner replied.
     “The good news is that a gentleman inquired about your work and wondered if it would appreciate in value after your death. When I told him it would, he bought all 15 of your paintings.”
     “That’s wonderful,” the artist exclaimed. “What’s the bad news?”
     “The guy is your doctor.”





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